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HTS Code Product Description
  9014Direction finding compasses; other navigational instruments and appliances; parts and accessories thereof:
      901410Direction finding compasses:
          9014101000Optical instruments
          9014106000Other: gyroscopic compasses, other than electrical
          90141070Other: electrical
          9014107030Gyroscopic compasses
      901420Instruments and appliances for aeronautical or space navigation (other than compasses):
          9014202000Optical instruments and appliances
          9014204000Other: automatic pilots
          9014206000Other: electrical
          9014208040For use in civil aircraft
      901480Other instruments and appliances:
          9014801000Optical instruments
          9014802000Other: ships' logs and depth-sounding apparatus
          9014804000Other: electrical
      901490Parts and accessories:
          9014901000Of articles covered by subheading 9014.20.40
          90149020Of articles covered by subheading 9014.20.80
          9014902040For use in civil aircraft
          9014904000Of articles covered by subheading 9014.80.50

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