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HTS Code Product Description
  0804Dates, figs, pineapples, avocados, guavas, mangoes and mangosteens, fresh or dried:
          0804102000Whole, with or without pits: packed in units weighing (with the immediate container, if any) not more than 4.6 kg
          0804104000Other: with pits
          0804106000With pits removed
          0804204000Whole: in immediate containers weighing with their contents over 0.5 kg each
          0804302000Not reduced in size: in bulk
          0804304000In crates or other packages
          0804306000Reduced in size
          0804400020Hass avocados and avocados determined by the secretary of agriculture to be hass-like: certified organic
      080450Guavas, mangoes and mangosteens:
          08045040Fresh: if entered during the period from september 1, in any year, to the following may 31, inclusive
          0804504045Mangoes: certified organic
          08045060If entered at any other time
          0804506045Mangoes: certified organic

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