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HTS Code Product Description
  9813Articles Admitted Temporarily Free Of Duty Under Bond
          98130005Articles to be repaired, altered or processed (including processes which result in articles manufactured or produced in the united states)
          9813000520Articles to be processed into articles manufactured or produced in the united states
          98130010Models of women's wearing apparel imported by manufacturers for use solely as models in their own establishments
          98130015Articles imported by illustrators and photographers for use solely as models in their own establishments, in the illustrating of catalogues, pamphlets or advertising matters
          98130020Samples solely for use in taking orders for merchandise
          98130025Articles solely for examination with a view to reproduction, or for such examination and reproduction (except photoengraved printing plates for examination and reproduction); and motion-picture advertising films
          98130030Articles intended solely for testing, experimental or review purposes, including specifications, photographs and similar articles for use in connection with experiments or for study
          98130035Automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, airplanes, airships, balloons, boats, racing shells and similar vehicles and craft, and the usual equipment of the foregoing; all the foregoing which are brought temporarily into the united states by nonresidents for th
          98130040Locomotives and other railroad equipment brought temporarily into the united states for use in clearing obstructions, fighting fires or making emergency repairs on railroads within the united states, or for use in transportation otherwise than in internat
          98130045Containers for compressed gases, filled or empty, and containers or other articles in use for covering or holding merchandise (including personal or household effects) during transportation and suitable for reuse for that purpose
          98130050Professional equipment, tools of trade, repair components for equipment or tools admitted under this heading and camping equipment; all the foregoing imported by or for nonresidents sojourning temporarily in the united statesand for the use of such nonres
          98130055Articles of special design for temporary use exclusively in connection with the manufacture or production of articles for export
          98130060Animals and poultry brought into the united states for the purpose of breeding, exhibition or competition for prizes, and the usual equipment therefor
          98130070Works of the free fine arts, engravings, photographic pictures and philosophical and scientific apparatus brought into the united states by professional artists, lecturers or scientists arriving from abroad for use by them for exhibition and in illustrati
          98130075Automobiles, automobile chassis, automobile bodies, cutaway portions of any of the foregoing and parts for any of the foregoing, finished, unfinished or cutaway, when intended solely for show purposes

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