Search US HS Code List of Antiknock Preparations, Oxidation Inhibitors, Gum Inhibitors, Viscosity Improvers, Anti-corrosive Preparations And Other Prepared Additives, For Mineral Oils (including Gasoline) Or For Other Liquids Used For The Same Purposes As Mineral Oils:

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HTS Code Product Description
  3811Antiknock preparations, oxidation inhibitors, gum inhibitors, viscosity improvers, anti-corrosive preparations and other prepared additives, for mineral oils (including gasoline) or for other liquids used for the same purposes as mineral oils:
      381111Antiknock preparations: based on lead compounds:
          3811111000Based on tetraethyl lead or on a mixture of tetraethyl lead and tetramethyl lead
          3811210000Additives for lubricating oils: containing petroleum oils or oils obtained from bituminous minerals

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