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HTS Code Product Description
  6109T-shirts, singlets, tank tops and similar garments, knitted or crocheted:
          61091000Of cotton
          6109100004Men's or boys': t-shirts, all white, short hemmed sleeves, hemmed bottom, crew or round neckline, or v-neck with a mitered seam at the center of the v, without pockets, trim or embroidery (352)
          6109100007Singlets, all white, without pockets, trim or embroidery (352)
          6109100011Thermal undershirts (352)
          6109100012Other t-shirts: men's (338)
          6109100014Boys' (338)
          6109100018Tank tops and other singlets: men's (338)
          6109100023Boys' (338)
          6109100027Other (338)
          6109100037Women's or girls': underwear (352)
          6109100040Other: t-shirts: women's (339)
          6109100045Girls' (339)
          6109100060Tank tops: women's (339)
          6109100065Girls' (339)
          6109100070Other (339)
      610990Of other textile materials:
          61099010Of man-made fibers
          6109901007Men's or boys': t-shirts: men's (638)
          6109901009Boys' (638)
          6109901013Tank tops and singlets: men's (638)
          6109901025Boys' (638)
          6109901047Thermal undershirts (652)
          6109901049Other (638)
          6109901050Women's or girls': t-shirts: women's (639)
          6109901060Girls' (639)
          6109901065Tank tops and singlets: women's (639)
          6109901070Girls' (639)
          6109901075Thermal undershirts (652)
          6109901090Other (639)
          61099015Of wool, with long sleeves
          6109901510Men's or boys': underwear (459)
          6109901520Other (438)
          6109901530Women's or girls': underwear (459)
          6109901540Other (438)
          61099040Containing 70 percent or more by weight of silk or silk waste
          6109904010Men's or boys' (738)
          6109904020Women's or girls' (739)
          6109908010Men's or boys' (838)
          6109908020Women's or girls': of wool (438)
          6109908030Other (838)

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