Check Ware For Laboratory., Hygienic. or Pharmacist. purpose Graded. or Negraduir., Cal. or Nekalibr. from Ave. glass With Factor. lin. more On 0.000005 K In An Interview. from 0 To 300 Gr.tselsiya HS Code in Russia

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HS Code Product Description Import Data Export Data
  7017Paving blocks, slabs, bricks, tiles and other articles, ... other: cellular glass or foam glassImport DataExport Data
      701720Glassware laboratory, hygienic or pharmaceutical purposes, graded or ungraded, or calibrated. fused quartz or dr. fused silicaImport DataExport Data
        7017200000 Ware for laboratory., hygienic. or pharmacist. purpose graded. or negraduir., cal. or nekalibr. from ave. glass with factor. lin. more on 0.000005 k in an interview. from 0 to 300 gr.tselsiyaImport DataExport Data

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