Search Russia HS code list of Crops, Columns And Covers (including Column Screws, Screws And Casings With Casing Device), Casing Couples For Bottles, Cutters, Crops, Hermetics And Other Packing Accessories, Of Inconvenient.

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HS Code Product Description Import Data Export Data
  8309Crops, columns and covers (including column screws, screws and casings with casing device), casing couples for bottles, cutters, crops, hermetics and other packing accessories, of inconvenientImport DataExport Data
      830910Column screwsImport DataExport Data
          8309100000Column screwsImport DataExport Data
      830990Other packaging accessories from non-stead metalsImport DataExport Data
          8309901000Other paper covers from lead;coupling covers from aluminum diameter more than 21 mmImport DataExport Data
          8309909000Other cork, casings and covers, cutting cuts, casing shells sealing and other packaging accessories of non-stead metalsImport DataExport Data

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