Search Indonesian HS code for Coconut, Abaca (manila Hemp Or Musa Textilis Nee), Ramie And Other Vegetable Textile Fibres, Not Elsewhere Specified Or Included, Raw Or Processed But Not Spun; Tow, Noils And Waste Of These Fibres (including Yarn Waste And Garnetted Stock).

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HS Code Product Description Export Data
  5305Coconut, abaca (manila hemp or musa textilis nee), ramie and other vegetable textile fibres, not elsewhere specified or included, raw or processed but not spun; tow, noils and waste of these fibres (including yarn waste and garnetted stock).Export Data
          53050010Sisal and other textile fibres of the genus agave; tow and waste of these fibres (including yarn waste and garnetted stock)Export Data
          53050021Coconut fibres(coir) and abaca fibres :coconut fibres, rawExport Data
          53050022Other coconut fibresExport Data
          53050023Abaca fibresExport Data
          53050090OtherExport Data

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