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HS Code Product Description
  7229Wire of other alloy steel
          72292000Of silico-manganese steel
        7229901Tinned wire bronze coated wire trapezoidal wire half round wire crimped wire and copper coated wire not insulated:
          72299011Tinned wire
          72299012Bronze coated wire
          72299013Trapezoidal wire
          72299014Half round wire
          72299015Crimped wire
          72299016Copper coated wire
        7229902Electrode quality wire rope quality and acsr quality not insulated:
          72299021Electrode quality
          72299022Wire rope quality
          72299023Acsr quality
        7229903Wire (excluding wire type lead) spring high tensile hardened and tempered wires not insulated:
          72299031Wire (excluding wire type lead)
          72299032Spring wire
          72299033High tensile wire
          72299034Hardened and tempered wire
          72299040Other wire
        7229905Shaped and profiled wires of cross-section:
          72299051Half round
          72299052Flat and rectangular
          72299053'’l' shape
          72299054'’z' shape
          72299060Electric resistance wire (including electric resistance heating wire)
          72299070Crimped wire

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