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  3204Synthetic organic colouring matter, whether or not chemically defined; preparations as specified in note 3 to this chapter based on synthetic organic colouring matter; synthetic organic products of a kind used as fluorescent brightening agens or as luminophores, whether or not chemically defined. synthetic organic colouring matter and preparations based thereon as specified in note 3 to this chapter:
      320411Disperse dyes and preparations based thereon:
        3204111Disperse yellow:
          32041111Disperse yellow 13 (duranol brill yellow 6 g)
        3204112Disperse orange:
          32041121Disperse orange 11 (duranol orange g)
        3204113Disperse red:
          32041131Disperse red 3 (serisol fast pink b)
          32041132Disperse red 4 (celliton fast pink rf)
          32041133Disperse red 9 (duranol red gn)
        3204114Disperse violet:
          32041141Disperse violet 1 (duranol violet 2r)
          32041142Disperse violet 4 (duranol brill violet b)
          32041143Disperse violet 8 (duranol brill violet br)
        3204115Disperse blue:
          32041151Disperse blue 1 (duranol brill blue cb)
          32041152Disperse blue 3 (duranol brill blue bbn)
          32041153Disperse blue 5 (celliton fast blue ffb)
          32041154Disperse blue 6 (celliton fast blue ffg)
          32041155Disperse blue 14 (duranol brill blue g)
          32041156Disperse blue 24 (duranol blue 2g)
          32041191Disperse greens
          32041192Disperse browns
          32041193Disperse blacks
          32041194Disperse brown mixtures
          32041195Disperse grey mixtures
          32041196Disperse black mixtures
      320412Acid dyes whether or not premetallised and preparations based thereon;mordant dyes and preparations based thereon:
        3204121Azo dyes:
          32041211Acid yellows
          32041212Acid oranges
          32041213Acid red
          32041214Acid violets
          32041215Acid blues
          32041216Acid greens
          32041217Acid brown
          32041218Acid blacks
        3204122Acid greens (non-azo):
          32041221Acid green 17 (solacet fast green 2g)
          32041222Acid green 27 (carbolan green g)
          32041223Acid green 28 (carbolan brill green 5g)
          32041224Acid green 38 (alizarine cyanine green 3g)
          32041225Acid green 44 (alizarine cyanine green gwa)
        3204123Acid black (non-azo):
          32041231Acid black 2 (nigrosine)
          32041232Acid black 48 (coomasie fast grey 3g)
        3204124Acid blues 2 14 23 25 45 51 52 & 78 (non- azo):
          32041241Acid blue 2 (alizarine brill blue pfn)
          32041242Acid blue 14 (solacet fast blue 4 g1)
          32041243Acid blue 23 (alizarine light blue 4 g1)
          32041244Acid blue 25 (solway ultra blue b)
          32041245Acid blue 45 (solway blue rn)
          32041246Acid blue 51 (alizarine sky blue ffb
          32041247Acid blue 52 (alizarine light – 5gl)
          32041248Acid blue 78 (solway sky blue b)
        3204125Acid blues 93 112 127 138 140 and others (non-azo):
          32041251Acid blue 93 (ink blue)
          32041252Acid blue 112 (coomasie ultra sky se)
          32041253Acid blue 127 (brill alizarine milling blue g)
          32041254Acid blue 138 (carbolan blue b)
          32041255Acid blue 140 (carbolan brill blue 2r)
        3204126Mordant dyes:
          32041268Red ii (alizarine red)
        3204129Other non-azo acid dyes:
          32041291Acid yellows
          32041292Acid oranges
          32041293Acid red
          32041294Acid violets
          32041295Acid browns
      320413Basic dyes and preparations based thereon:
          32041310Basic azo dyes
        3204132Basic yellow (non-azo):
          32041321Yellow 2 (auramine o)
        3204133Basic red (non-azo):
          32041331Red 1 (rhodamine 6 g)
        3204134Basic violet (non-azo):
          32041341Violet 1 (methyl violet)
          32041342Violet 10 (rhodamine b)
          32041343Violet 14 (magenta)
        3204135Basic blue (non-azo):
          32041351Blue 9 (methylene blue)
          32041352Blue 16 (victoria blue b)
        3204136Basic green (non-azo):
          32041361Green 4 (malachite green)
        3204139Other non-azo basic dyes:
          32041391Basic oranges
          32041392Basic browns
          32041393Basic black
      320414Direct dyes and preparations based thereon:
        3204141Direct yellow (azo):
          32041411Yellow 12 (chrysophenine g)
        3204142Direct red (azo):
          32041421Congo red
        3204143Direct blue (azo):
          32041431Blue 1 (sky blue ff)
          32041440Direct oranges (azo)
          32041450Direct greens (azo)
          32041460Direct browns (azo)
          32041470Direct blacks (azo)
        3204148Direct dyes (non-azo):
      320415Vat dyes (including those usable in that state as pigments) and preparations thereon:
        3204151Vat yellow:
          32041511Vat yellow 2 (gc)
          32041512Vat yellow 4 (indathrene golden yellow gk)
        3204152Vat orange:
          32041521Vat oranges 3 (brill orange rk)
          32041522Vat oranges 15 (golden orange 3g)
        3204153Vat red:
          32041531Vat red (brill pink)
        3204154Vat violet:
          32041541Vat violet 1 (brill violet 2r)
          32041542Vat violet 3 (magenta b)
        3204155Vat blue:
          32041551Vat blue 1 (synthetic indigo)
          32041552Vat blue 4
          32041553Vat blue 5 (blue 2b)
          32041554Vat blue 6 (blue bc)
          32041555Vat blue 20 (dark blue 30)
          32041556Vat blue 29 (indanthrene brill blue 4g)
          32041557Vat blue 43 (carbazole blue)
          32041558Reduced vat blues
        3204156Vat green:
          32041561Vat green 1 (indanthrene brill green bffb)
          32041562Vat green 2 (indanthrene brill green gg)
          32041563Vat green 4 (indanthrene brill green 3b)
          32041564Vat green 9 (black bb)
        3204157Vat brown:
          32041571Vat brown 1 (brown br)
          32041572Vat brown 3 (brown rgr)
          32041573Vat brown 5 (brown rrd g)
        3204158Vat black:
          32041581Vat black 9 (black rb)
          32041582Vat black 25 (olive t)
          32041583Vat black 27 (olive r)
          32041584Vat black 29 (grey bg)
        3204159Other :
          32041591Solubilised vat yellows
          32041592Solubilised vat oranges
          32041593Solubilised vat reds
          32041594Solubilised vat violets
          32041595Solubilised vat blues
          32041596Solubilised vat greens
          32041597Solubilised vat blacks
      320416Reactive dyes and preparations based thereon:
      320417Pigments and preparations based thereon:
        3204171Pigment yellow:
          32041711Yellow 1 (hansa yellow)
          32041720Pigment oranges
        3204173Pigment red:
          32041731Toluidine red
          32041740Pigment violets
        3204175Pigment blues:
          32041751Blue 15 (pathalocyanine blue)
        3204176Pigment greens:
          32041761Green 7 (pathalovyanine green)
          32041770Pigment browns
          32041780Pigment blacks
      320419Other including mixtures of colouring matter of two or more of the subheadings32 04 11 to 32 04 19:
        3204191Azoic coupling components 2 4 5 7 8 13:
          32041911Azoic coupling component 2 (naphthol as)
          32041912Azoic coupling component 4 (naphthol as-bo)
          32041913Azoic coupling component 5 (naphthol asg)
          32041914Azoic coupling component 7 (naphthol assw)
          32041915Azoic coupling component 8 (naphthol astr)
          32041916Azoic coupling component 13 (naphthol assg)
        3204192Azoic coupling components 14 15 17 18 20 and others:
          32041921Azoic coupling component 14 (naphthol asph)
          32041922Azoic coupling component 15 (naphthol aslb)
          32041923Azoic coupling component 17 (naphthol asbs)
          32041924Azoic coupling component 18 (naphthol asd)
          32041925Azoic coupling component 20 (naphthol asol)
        3204193Azoic diazo component 1 2 3 4 5 6 10 11:
          32041931Azoic diazo component 1 (fast bordeaux gp base)
          32041932Azoic diazo component 2 (fast orange g/gc base)
          32041933Azoic diazo component 3 (fast scarlet ggiggs base)
          32041934Azoic diazo component 4 (fast garment gbc base)
          32041935Azoic diazo component 5 (fast red b base)
          32041936Azoic diazo component 6 (fast orange gr base)
          32041937Azoic diazo component 10 (fast red r base)
          32041938Azoic diazo component 11 (fast red tr base)
        3204194Azoic diazo component 12 13 20 24 32 41 48 and others:
          32041941Azoic diazo component 12 (fast scarlet g base)
          32041942Azoic diazo component 13 (fast scarlet r base)
          32041943Azoic diazo component 20 (fast blue bb base)
          32041944Azoic diazo component 24 (fast blue rr base)
          32041945Azoic diazo component 32 (fast red kb base)
          32041946Azoic diazo component 41 (fast violet b base)
          32041947Azoic diazo component 48 (fast blue b base)
        3204195Azoic colours:
        3204196Sulphur based colouring matters:
        3204197Solvent based colouring matters:
        3204198Food colouring matters:
          32041981Yellow 3 (sunset yellow)
          32041982Yellow 4 (tartrazine)
          32041983Reds 5 to 8 (poncean)
          32041984Red 9 (amaranth)
      320420Synthetic organic products of a kind used as fluorescent brightening agents:
          32042010Optical whitening agents

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