Search HS Code List of Other Colouring Matter; Preparations As Specified In Note 3 To This Chapter, Other Than Those Of Headings 3203, 3204 Or 3205; Inorganic Products Of A Kind Used As Luminophores, Whether Or Not Chemically Defined in India

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HS Code Product Description
  3206Other colouring matter; preparations as specified in note 3 to this chapter, other than those of headings 3203, 3204 or 3205; inorganic products of a kind used as luminophores, whether or not chemically defined
    32061Pigments and preparations based on titanium dioxide:
      320611Containing 80% or more by weight of titanium dioxide calculated on the dry matter:
          32061110Pearlsent pigment (titanium dioxide coated micananeous and lustres pearl pigment)
          32062000Pigments and preparations based on chromium compounds
    32064Based on zinc sulphide
        3206410Other colouring matter and other preparations:
          32064100Utramarine and preparations based thereon
          32064200Lithopone and other pigments and preparations
          32064910Red oxide
          32064920Persian red
          32064930Yellow ochre
          32064940Bronze powder
          32065000Inorganic products of a kind used as luminophores

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