Search HS Code List of Natural Steatite, Whether Or Not Roughly Trimmed Or Merely Cut, By Sawing Or Otherwise, Into Blocks Or Slabs Of A Rectangular (including Square) Shape; Talc in India

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HS Code Product Description Import Data Export Data
  2526Natural steatite, whether or not roughly trimmed or merely cut, by sawing or otherwise, into blocks or slabs of a rectangular (including square) shape; talcImport DataExport Data
      252610Not crushed not powdered:Import DataExport Data
          25261010Steatite (soap stone etc.) blockImport DataExport Data
          25261020Steatite (soap stone etc.) lumpsImport DataExport Data
          25261090OtherImport DataExport Data
          25262000Crushed or powderedImport DataExport Data