Search HS Code List of Articles And Equipment For General Physical Exercise, Gymnastics, Athletics, Other Sports (including Table-tennis) Or Out-door Games, Not Specified Or Included Elsewhere In This Chapter; Swimming Pools And Paddling Pools in India

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HS Code Product Description
  9506Articles and equipment for general physical exercise, gymnastics, athletics, other sports (including table-tennis) or out-door games, not specified or included elsewhere in this chapter; swimming pools and paddling pools
    95061Snow-skis and other snow-ski equipment:
          95061200Ski-fastenings (ski-bindings)
    95062Water-skis surf-boards sailboards and other water-sport equipment:
    95063Golf clubs and other golf equipment:
          95063100Clubs complete
          95064000Articles and equipment for table-tennis
    95065Tennis badminton or similar rackets whether or not strung:
          95065100Lawn-tennis rackets whether or not strung
          95065910Squash or racketball badminton rackets whether or not strung
    95066Balls other than golf balls and table-tennis balls:
          95066100Lawn-tennis balls
          95066220Volley ball
          95066230Basket ball
          95066910Hockey ball
          95066920Cricket ball
          95066930Golf ball
          95066940Rugby ball
          95067000Ice skates and roller skates including skating boots with skates attached
      950691Articles and equipment for general physical exercise gymnastics or athletics:
          95069110Boxing equipment
          95069910Badminton shuttle cocks
          95069920Leg pads and bats for cricket
          95069930Shoulder pads for football
          95069940Hockey sticks and blades
          95069950Polo sticks including blades shafts and heads
          95069960Sports net
          95069970Tennis and badminton racket pressures
          95069980Shin-guards and elbow or shoulders pads excluding those for football; waist thigh and hip protective equipment

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