Search Customs Tariff Code of Special Purpose Motor Vehicles Other Than Those Principally Designed For The Transport Or Persons Or Goods (for Example Breakdown Lorries Crane Lorries Fire Fighting Vehicles Concrete- Mixers Lorries Spraying Lorries Mobile Workshops Mobile Radiological Units) in China

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HS Code Product Description Import Data Export Data
  8705Special purpose motor vehicles other than those principally designed for the transport or persons or goods (for example breakdown lorries crane lorries fire fighting vehicles concrete- mixers lorries spraying lorries mobile workshops mobile radiological units)Import DataExport Data
          87051021Lifting weight ≤50 tons all terrain lift trucksImport DataExport Data
          8705102250 <≤100 tons lifting capacity all terrain lift trucksImport DataExport Data
          87051023From the weight & gt; 100 tons all-road crane lorriesImport DataExport Data
          87051091Lifting weight ≤50 tons of other motor lift trucksImport DataExport Data
          8705109250 <≤100 tons of weight lifting other lift trucksImport DataExport Data
          87051093Lifting weight & gt; 100 tons other powered lift trucksImport DataExport Data
          87052000Drilling motor vehiclesImport DataExport Data
          87053010Maneuvering with a ladder fire truckImport DataExport Data
          87053090Other motorized fire engineImport DataExport Data
          87054000Mobile concrete mixerImport DataExport Data
          87059010Car radio communicationImport DataExport Data
          87059020Motor vehicle inspection radiationImport DataExport Data
          87059030Environmental monitoring of motor vehiclesImport DataExport Data
          87059040Mobile medical vehicleImport DataExport Data
          87059051Aviation power supply vehicle (a frequency of 400 hz)Import DataExport Data
          87059059Other motor vehicle power supplyImport DataExport Data
          87059060Aircraft fuel trucks, car thermostat, deicing vehiclesImport DataExport Data
          87059070Road (including runway) snow machinesImport DataExport Data
          87059080Oil well logging trucks, fracturing trucks and mixing sand trucksImport DataExport Data
          87059091Concrete pumpImport DataExport Data
          87059099Other special-purpose motor vehiclesImport DataExport Data

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