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HS Code Product Description Import Data Export Data
  4820Registers account books note books order books receipt books letter pads memorandum pads diaries and similar articles excise books blotting-pads binders (loose- leaf or other) folders file covers manifold business forms inter leaved carbon sets and other articles of stationery of paper or paperboard; albums for samples or for collections and book covers of paper or paperboardImport DataExport Data
          48201000This registration, books, notebooks and other similar articles, andImport DataExport Data
          48202000Excercise bookImport DataExport Data
          48203000Activities cover paper, leather folders and filesImport DataExport Data
          48204000Multipart business forms paper (this)Import DataExport Data
          48205000Paper sample book and pasted bookImport DataExport Data
          48209000Other paper stationeryImport DataExport Data

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