Brazil NCM Number of Supports For Beds (somiês); mattress, Duvets, Pillows, Ottomans, Pillows And Similar Articles, Fitted With Springs Or Any Materials Trimmed Inwardly, Understanding These Rubber Alveolar Or Cellular Plastics, Covered The Same.

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NCM Code Product Description Import Data Export Data
  9404Supports for beds (somiês); mattress, duvets, pillows, ottomans, pillows and similar articles, fitted with springs or any materials trimmed inwardly, understanding these rubber alveolar or cellular plastics, covered the same.Import DataExport Data
          94041000Supports for beds (somiês)Import DataExport Data
    94042Mattress:Import DataExport Data
          94042100Of cellular plastic or cellular rubber, whether or not coveredImport DataExport Data
          94042900Of other materialsImport DataExport Data
          94043000Sleeping bagsImport DataExport Data
          94049000OthersImport DataExport Data

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