Search HS Code or NCM Code of Of A Silicon Content, By Weight, Of Not Less Than 0,05% And Not More Than 0,20% Of Iron Of 0,20% Or More But Not More Than 0,40% Of Lower Copper Or Less Than 0,05%, Of Zinc Not Exceeding 0,05%, Of Manganese Not Exceeding 0,25%, Of Magnesium Of 0,05% Or Mo in Brazil

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NCM Code Product Description Import Data Export Data
  7606Plates and strips, of aluminum, of thickness more than 0,2 mm.Import DataExport Data
    76061Square or rectangular:Import DataExport Data
      760612Of aluminum alloysImport DataExport Data
        76061220 Of a silicon content, by weight, of not less than 0,05% and not more than 0,20% of iron of 0,20% or more but not more than 0,40% of lower copper or less than 0,05%, of zinc not exceeding 0,05%, of manganese not exceeding 0,25%, of magnesium of 0,05% or moImport DataExport Data

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