Search HS Code or NCM Code of Seamless, Extruded And Drawn, According To Standard Astm B210, Circular Section, Alloy Aa 6061 (aluminum Association), With Johnson's Apparent Elastic Limit (jael) Exceeding 3,000 Nm According To Sae Standard Ae7, External Diameter Equal To Or Greater Tha in Brazil

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NCM Code Product Description Import Data Export Data
  7608Aluminum tubes.Import DataExport Data
      760820Of aluminum alloysImport DataExport Data
        76082010 Seamless, extruded and drawn, according to standard astm b210, circular section, alloy aa 6061 (aluminum association), with johnson's apparent elastic limit (jael) exceeding 3,000 nm according to sae standard ae7, external diameter equal to or greater thaImport DataExport Data

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