Brazil NCM Number of Marble, Travertine, Granite And Other Stones Belgian Calcareous Monumental Or Building, Apparent Density Equal Or Higher Than 2.5, And Alabaster, Chopped Same Or Or Simply Cut The Saw Otherwise, Into Blocks Or Form Of Plates Or Square Rectangular.

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NCM Code Product Description Import Data Export Data
  2515Marble, travertine, granite and other stones belgian calcareous monumental or building, apparent density equal or higher than 2.5, and alabaster, chopped same or or simply cut the saw otherwise, into blocks or form of plates or square rectangular.Import DataExport Data
    25151Marble and travertine:Import DataExport Data
          25151100Crude or choppedImport DataExport Data
      251512Simply cut by sawing or otherwise, into blocks or form or rectangular plates squareImport DataExport Data
          25151210MarblesImport DataExport Data
          25151220TravertineImport DataExport Data
          25152000Ecaussine and other calcareous monumental or building stone; alabasterImport DataExport Data

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