Brazil NCM Number of Manufactures By Tanned Or Dressed (including Heads, Tails, Feet And Other Parts, Waste And Scrap), Not Reunidas (not Mounted) Or Aggregate (mounted) Without Adding Other Articles, Except For The Position 43.03.

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NCM Code Product Description Import Data Export Data
  4302Manufactures by tanned or dressed (including heads, tails, feet and other parts, waste and scrap), not reunidas (not mounted) or aggregate (mounted) without adding other articles, except for the position 43.03.Import DataExport Data
    43021Skins with the whole, whether with heads, tails or feet, do not reunidas (not fitted):Import DataExport Data
          43021100Of minksImport DataExport Data
      430219OthersImport DataExport Data
          43021910SheepImport DataExport Data
          43021990OthersImport DataExport Data
          43022000Heads, tails, paws and other parts, waste and scrap, not assembled (not assembled)Import DataExport Data
          43023000Skins with their whole and by pieces and shavings gathered (assembled)Import DataExport Data

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