Brazil NCM Number of Bells, Gongs And The Like, Not Electric, Of Base Metal; statuettes And Other Ornamental Articles Of Base Metal; frames For Photos, Pictures Or The Like, Of Base Metal; mirrors Of Base Metal.

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NCM Code Product Description Import Data Export Data
  8306Bells, gongs and the like, not electric, of base metal; statuettes and other ornamental articles of base metal; frames for photos, pictures or the like, of base metal; mirrors of base metal.Import DataExport Data
          83061000Bells, gongs and the likeImport DataExport Data
    83062Figurines and other objects ornamentation:Import DataExport Data
          83062100Silver, gold or platinumImport DataExport Data
          83062900OthersImport DataExport Data
          83063000Frames for photographs, prints or the like; mirrorsImport DataExport Data

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