Brazil NCM Number of Artificial Graphite; graphite Colloidal Or Semi; preparations The Graphite Base Or Other Carbon In, Blocks, Plates Or Other Products Intermediate.

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NCM Code Product Description Import Data Export Data
  3801Artificial graphite; graphite colloidal or semi; preparations the graphite base or other carbon in, blocks, plates or other products intermediate.Import DataExport Data
          38011000Artificial graphiteImport DataExport Data
      380120Graphite colloidal or semiImport DataExport Data
          38012010Semi suspension in mineral oilImport DataExport Data
          38012090OthersImport DataExport Data
      380130Carbonaceous pastes for electrodes and folder similar to finish inside ovensImport DataExport Data
          38013010Carbon paste for electrodesImport DataExport Data
          38013090OthersImport DataExport Data
          38019000OthersImport DataExport Data

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