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List of Anaerobic Jar Importers in the World

  • brazil  Importer of Brazil

    1162750001 for anaerocult c microb. system for generating reduced atmosphere enriched in oxygen and co2 in a anaerobic jar.


    mexico  Importer of Mexico


    "jars with 50 ml.â each of: sonlok 3242 anaerobic adhesive, item: ls60009, no: 324250, batch;â 0152420"

  • Ltd. "Laverna XXI CENTURY"

    russia  Importer of Russia

    Anaerobic vial 2.5 l for microbiology, iztovlen of plastics, intended for use during various laboratory anaerobic jar 2,5 l-volume for microbiology anaerobic vial 2.5 l for microbiology 1 pcs.

  • Company Limited Merck Vietnam

    vietnam  Importer of Vietnam

    Anaerocult (r) c for microbiology (for the generation of an oxygen-depleted and co2-enriched atmosphere in anaerobic jar) (25sets / hop) chemicals used in the laboratory

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