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Venezuela Map Venezuela export value for 2019 is $14.7 Billion according to the Venezuela export data, while the export value of Venezuela in 2018 is $31.4 Billion. The values of both years derived from Venezuela customs data, show $16.7 difference in the year 2019, bringing the values of Venezuela trade data drastically down as compared to the year 2018.

Venezuela exports rank the country at 74th position among the top exporting countries of the world, as per the International and Venezuela trade data. Venezuela export statistics shows that top exports were made for ‘Mineral Fuels & Oils’, while the highest exporting partner of Venezuela was ‘India’ as per the export statistics of Venezuela.

Venezuela trade data provides the trade statistics of Venezuela and export data of Venezuela. Both Venezuela export data and Venezuela trade statistics helps businesses in their own way to run the operations and have better decisions making for the trade of the concerned line of products.

We provide Venezuela export data in the form of Venezuela shipment data. The information for shipment data is obtained by the details of the Venezuela customs data. The customs detail provides necessary information about any particular shipment(s).

See what kind of Venezuela export data we provide and how Venezuela export statistics helps your business in the long-run. Meanwhile, you can get a sample for Venezuela customs data or you can do a live search on Export Genius about any of your concern.


About Venezuela Export Data

Venezuela export data is prepared from the details of the Venezuela customs data, in the form of Venezuela shipment data. As aforementioned, this data includes the particular information of the outbound shipment of the country. The information about the shipment is revealed through the ‘fields’ present in the data. The major fields are – Date, Exporter Name, Destination Country, HS Code, Product Description, Weight, Value, Port, etc.

The information(s) we provide is sourced from authorized Government Bodies, Port Authorities, Customs Departments, Shipping & Logistics Companies, Trade Associations, and other authoritative links. Venezuela export data is available from January 2010 to present as per our database.


Venezuela Export Data

Venezuela shipment data is obtained from the details of the Venezuela customs data, and revealed through the fields present in the shipment data. The fields reveal information on the name of involved exporter, destination country which means where shipment will be exported, the description of the product along with the information on the kind of transport been used to export. Look at the Venezuela export data on the right to understand.

Date 01-Dec-19 Exporter Name *****
Destination Country United States Of America Hs Code 9505900000
Hs Code Description Others Chapter 95
Chapter Description Toys, Games And Articles For Recreation Or Sports
Gross Weight 1 Net Weight 1
Bo Fob 21330736 Us Fob 445
Record 37 Payment 99
Transport Type Aereo Mode Of Transport Air
Destination Port Maiquetia Custom Maiquetia
Month December Year 2019


What are the Major Exports of Venezuela?

Major exports of Venezuela for year 2019 includes Mineral Fuels & Oils with a share of 88.7% ($13,100 Million), Organic Chemicals with a share of 2.4% ($363 Million), Pearls and Metals with a share of 1.6% ($239 Million), Fishes with a share of 1.5% ($233 Million), Iron and Steel with a share of 1.3% ($200 Million), and so on, in the given list of top exports of Venezuela as per Venezuela trade data of 2019.

As we can see in the Venezuela export data here, the top exports were made for ‘Mineral Fuels & Oils’. Businesses dealing in this sector will get the desires results with no hindrance in operations.

While as we can see in this Venezuela export data, the least exports were made of ‘Cocoa Preparations’. Businesses dealing in this particular line of business have to consider the uncertainties and the related hindrances coming across in the operations of the business.

Major Exports of Venezuela


Which are Top Trading Partners of Venezuela?

As per Venezuela export data 2019, Venezuela’s top export partners for 2019 are – India with a share of 33.7% ($4,980 million total exports), China with a share of 28.4% ($4,190 million total exports), USA with a share of 12.4% ($1,820 million total exports), Spain with a share of 5.5% ($821 million total exports), Malaysia with a share of 3.7% ($558 million total exports), and so on.

As we can observe in the Venezuela export data on the left, the highest exporting country for Venezuela is ‘India’. As per the database, the highest exports of Venezuela to India are of crude oil in the recent years. India’s thirst for crude oil is the biggest factor why Venezuela is the second-top country for India, after Iran, exporting the crude oil. China is also the biggest demanding country for crude oil from Venezuela. Therefore, India and China have a drastically high export percentage here.

Top Trading Partners of Venezuela

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