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Portugal exports value for the year 2019 and 2020 appears (approx.) $67 Billion and $61 Billion, as per the Portugal export data of 2019 and the export data of Portugal for the year 2020. Both the values of 2019 and 2020, after comparing, show a decline in Portugal trade data by a percentile of 8% ($5.5 Billion).

Portugal stands at 45th position among top exporting countries of the world, as per the values of Portugal trade data for the year 2019. Portugal export statistics show ‘Vehicles’ as the top exported products and ‘Spain’ as the top exporting country for Portugal.

Portugal export data is represented in the form of Portugal shipment data, consisting of different fields and information. Look at what data we provide. You can get sample data or you can do a live search.

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About Portugal Export Data

Portugal export data is presented in the form of Portugal shipment data, as aforementioned. The data contains different fields revealing different information on the particular outbound shipment. The major fields are – Date, HS Code, HS Code Description, Export & Destination Countries, Quantity, Value, etc.

Total 700,000+ Portugal shipment records are present in our databases. The information(s) we provide is sourced from authorized Portuguese Customs Departments, Shipping & Logistics Companies, Government Bodies, Trade Associations, Port Authorities, and other authoritative links. Portugal export data is available from January 2013 to the present as according to our databases.


Portugal Export Data

Portugal export data is inclusive of all the details of the shipment. The information we are obtaining here is the description of the product, the quantity of the product, its value, and names of both export and destination countries. Look at Portugal shipment data on the right and understand.

Period 2020-02
Export Country Portugal Destination Country France
Trade Type Intra Trade Hs Code 22090011
Hs Code Description Wine Vinegar, In Containers Holding <= 2 L
Sitc Product 9844
Sitc Description Vinegar And Substitutes For Vinegar Obtained From Acetic Acid
State Regime Normal
Unit Till 1992: Hectolitre; From 1993: Litre
Total Value Eru 6833  
Total Value Usd 8024 Quantity In Kg 13105
Sup Quantity 13100


What are Portugal’s Main Exports?

The main exports of Portugal for 2020 are Vehicles with a share of 13.9% ($8.5 Billion), Electronics with a share of 8.1% ($5 Billion), Industrial Machinery with a share of 6.5% ($4 Billion), Plastics and Articles with a share of 5.1% ($3.1 Billion), Mineral Fuels and Oils with a share of 4.6% ($2.8 Billion), and so on, as per the Portugal export statistics of 2020.

Portugal export data shows that top exports were for ‘Vehicles’. The businesses of this sector are more likely to have fortunes as there is high demand. While as per this Portugal trade statistics, the least exports were for ‘Footwear, Gaiters, etc.’ Businesses in this sector have to consider the coming uncertainties in the operations of trade.

Portugal trade data helps businesses in analyzing such factors and avoiding the potential risks involved in the trade. Look at the Portugal export statistics on the right and see the figures.

Portugal’s Top 10 Exports


Which are Portugal’s Top Trading Partners?

Portugal trading partners of 2020 were Spain with a share of 25.5% ($15.6 billion total exports), France with a share of 13.5% ($8.3 billion total exports), Germany with a share of 11.8% ($7.2 billion total exports), the United Kingdom with a share of 5.7% ($3.4 billion total exports), the United States of America with a share of 5% ($3 billion total exports), and so on, according to Portugal export data.

Portugal export statistics show ‘Spain’ as the highest exporting partner for Portugal. As per Portugal trade data, ‘vehicles and plastics & articles’ were the highest exported products of Portugal to Spain.

According to the sources, Spain and Germany share a friendly relation, both culturally and practically. Spain stands as the most important nation for Portugal to engage in International trade. Look at Portugal export statistics 2020 shown on the left and see the figures.

Portugal’s Top 10 Export Partnerss

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