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Poland exports for the year 2019 show a value of (approx.) $252 Billion, as per Poland export data of 2019. Poland exports for the year 2020 show a value of (approx.) $271 Billion, as per export data of Poland 2020. Poland trade data received a growth in the year 2020 by a percentile of 8% ($19.1 Billion).

Poland has been ranked as the 23rd most exported country in the world, as per the values of International trade and Poland trade data of 2019.

Poland export data is represented in the form of Poland shipment data and consists of various fields. Understand exactly what kind of data we provide and how Poland trade statistics will help a business.

Poland export statistics show the top exports were for ‘Industrial Machinery’. While the biggest exports were made to ‘Germany’ from Poland, as per the export statistics of Poland. You can get the sample for Poland trade data or you can do a live search.

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About Poland Export Data

Poland export data consists of different fields as it is represented in the form of Poland shipment data. The data reveals a lot of information on the particular outbound shipment(s) of a product. The information is obtained through the aforementioned fields. The major fields are – Date, HS Code, HS Code Description, Export Country and Destination Country, Quantity, Value, etc.
The total number of Poland shipment records available in our database is 1,000,000+. The information(s) we provide is sourced from authorized Polish Trade Associations, Shipping & Logistics Companies, Customs Departments, Port Authorities, Government Bodies, and other authoritative links. Poland export data availability ranges from January 2013 to the present.


Poland Export Data

Poland export data consisting of the different fields reveal the information on the particular outbound shipment of a product. The information obtained here is the description of the concerned HS code, the quantity and value of the product, and the names of both export and destination countries. Look at Poland shipment data showed on the right and understand.

Period 2020-02
Export Country Poland Destination Country France
Trade Type Intra Trade Hs Code 4072100
Hs Code Description Fresh Eggs Of Domestic Fowls, In Shell (Excl. Fertilised For Incubation)
Sitc Product 2510
Sitc Description Birds' Eggs, In Shell, Fresh, Preserved Or Cooked
State Regime Normal Unit Thousand Items
Total Value Eru 690908 Total Value Usd 811334.4
Quantity In Kg 567999 Sup Quantity 9225


What are Poland’s Main Exports?

Poland top exports for the year 2020 include Industrial Machinery with a share of 13.4% ($36.5 Billion), Electronics with a share of 12.6% ($34.2 Billion), Vehicles with a share of 9.7% ($26.2 Billion), Furniture, Bedding, etc. with a share of 5.4% ($14.7 Billion), Plastics and Articles with a share of 4.8% ($13 Billion), and so on, as per Poland export statistics of the year 2020.

Poland export data shows that ‘Industrial Machinery’ was the top exported products of 2020, while the least exported ‘Rubber and Articles’ had the lowest demand in the year 2020 among top exports.

This gave us the conclusion here that business dealing in the first sector are more likely to have good fortunes as compared to the second sector. The factors of high and low demand can be thoroughly understood and analyzed by authentic and exclusive Poland export data.

Poland’s Top 10 Exports


Who are the Top Trading Partners of Poland?

Poland’s major export partners are Germany with a share of 28.9% ($78.3 billion total exports), the Czech Republic with a share of 5.8% ($15.7 billion total exports), the United Kingdom with a share of 5.7% ($15.5 billion total exports), France with a share of 5.6% ($15.1 billion total exports), Italy with a share of 4.3% ($11.7 billion total exports), and so on, as per Poland export statistics 2020.

Poland export data shows the top exports were made to ‘Germany’. Exports to Germany include these products the most – electronics, industrial machinery, and vehicles. Get access to more of such trade data of countries to analyze and understand the latest demands and measure the uncertainties better. Look at Poland export statistics shown on the left. The figures are mentioned in the unit of ‘share value’. Observe the figures for Poland exports.

Poland’s Top 10 Export Partnerss

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