Moldova Export Data

Moldova exports for 2019 and 2018 show the (approx.) value of $3 Billion according to the Moldova export data. Trade values increased by a percentile of 3% (72.3 Million) in 2019. The Eastern-European country stands at 68th position as per the International and Moldova trade data.

According to Moldova export data, the biggest export was made for ‘Electronics’. While the biggest exporting country of Moldova was Romania as per Moldova export statistics.

Moldova export data is present to you as per values derived from Moldova customs data. Moldova shipment data provided consists of all the details business(s) require for operations.

Let us show you that what kind of data we provide and how the export statistics of Moldova can play an important role in your business for its important decisions and operations. Meanwhile, get the sample for Moldova customs data or you can do a live search about export data of Moldova.

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About Moldova Export Data

Moldova shipment data is inclusive of different fields related to the shipment(s). The particular details are derived from the Moldova customs data. The different fields in the shipment data reveal a lot of information about the particular outbound shipment(s). Among these different fields, these are the major fields - Date, Exporter & Importer Names, Destination Country, HS Code, Product Description, Quantity, Unit, Total Value, etc. The information(s) we provide is sourced from authorized Moldovan Trade Associations, Customs Departments, Government Bodies, Port Authorities, Shipping & Logistics Companies, and other authoritative links. Availability for Moldova export data as per our databases is from January 2010 to the present.


Moldova Export Data

As aforementioned, the Moldova shipment data we provide consists of the different fields which reveal a lot of information about the kind of product which is being exported, its description, quantity, weight, total value in both native & USD currencies, along with the destination country. Look at the Moldova export data shown on the right and understand.

Date 30-05-2019
Exporter Name ***** Buyer Name *****
Destination Country Russian Federation HS Code 84195000
Quantity 3 Unit Units
Total Price (LEU) 51615 Uni Price (LEU) 17205
Total Price (USD) 2949.42


What are the Main Exports of Moldova?

The main exports of Moldova as per the Moldova export data are - Electronics with a share of 20.8% ($578.3 Million), Oil Seeds and Fruits with a share of 9.4% ($261.5 Million), Cereals with a share of 8.3% ($232.1 Million), Beverages with a share of 7.8% ($217.3 Million), Edible Fruits & Nuts with a share of 7.6% ($211.6 Million), and so on as per the following trade statistics of Moldova.

Moldova export data shows the top exports are made for ‘Electronics’. While the least exported product is ‘Vegetables, Fruits Preparation’ as per the export statistics of Moldova.

The assumption that can be made from this Moldova trade data is that the businesses in the first sector have better chances of performing better than the second sector. Look at the Moldova export data for the year 2019 shown on the right and understand.

Main Exports of Moldova


Which are the Top Export Partners of Moldova?

The major exporting countries of Moldova for the year 2019 are Romania with a share of 27.5% ($765.4 total million exports), Italy with a share of 9.6% ($267 total million exports), Russia with a share of 9% ($249.8 total million exports), Germany with a share of 8.9% ($245.9 total million exports), Turkey with a share of 6.3% ($245.9 total million exports), and so on as per the trade data of Moldova.

As we can see from the Moldova export data shown on the left, the top exporting partner of Moldova is Romania, and as per the trade data of Moldova, the top trading products were live animals, edible meats, and fishes, etc.

The assumption that can be made from Moldova export data is that the businesses for these particular lines of products will generate good results and bring fortune.

Top Export Partners for Moldova

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