Kazakhstan Export Data

kazakhstan Map Kazakhstan, a Central Asian country shipped goods worth USD 46.9 billion in 2020. According to Kazakhstan export data, that dollar amount declined from USD 57.7 billion recorded in 2019. Kazakhstan trade data shows Kazakhstan was 49th exporter country in the world during 2020.

Given Kazakhstan’s population of 18.6 million people, that dollar amount translated to estimated USD 3,100 for every resident of the country. The economy of Kazakhstan is the largest in Central Asia in both absolute and per capita terms. Based on Kazakhstan export statistics, Kazakhstan possesses oil reserves as well as minerals & metals and also has considerable agricultural potential with its vast steppe lands accommodating both livestock & grain production.

Kazakhstan trade statistics show Kazakhstani Tenge declined by -7.9% from 2019 to 2020. Kazakhstan’s weaker local currency makes its exports paid for in stronger US dollars relatively less expensive for international buyers.


Kazakhstan Export Data

Kazakhstan Export Data contains authorized and detailed information on shipments, which depart from the country through all modes of transport. Kazakhstan trade data helps you connect with right business partners and make your organization data-driven. From Kazakhstan shipment data, you will find correct answers of trade-related questions including who is exporting, who is importing, what is exporting and so on.

We collect Kazakhstan export data from Custom Authorities, Shipping & Logistics Companies, Port Authorities, Trade Association and Government Bodies. Based on Shipping Bills, Import Bills and Invoices, we have Kazakhstan trade data available from 2016 onwards.


Kazakhstan Export Data

Kazakhstan export data covers entire information on export activities of Kazakhstani companies. It contains shipment details including Kazakhstani Exporters, Foreign Importers, HS Code, Product Description, Origin Country, Destination Country, Value, Weight and so on. View Kazakhstan export sample thoroughly and understand actual Kazakhstan customs data format.

Date 01-Jul-2020
Exporter Name **** Exporter Address ****
Importer Name **** Importer Address ****
Departure Country Kazakhstan Origin Country Kazakhstan
Destination Country Uzbekistan HS Code 201100008
Description of Goods Meat of cattle, fresh or chilled: - carcasses and half carcasses: - other
Commercial Description of Goods Fresh Chilled Bovine Meat. 12 Cars Of Cats
Customs Value USD 6462880 Customs Value Tenge 6462880
Gross Weight KG 6400 Net Weight KG 6400

Kazakhstan Exports

Kazakhstan’s Top 10 Exports

Kazakhstan export statistics reveal Kazakhstan’s top 10 export products as follows Mineral Fuels & Oils (58.2%), Iron & Steel (6.7%), Ores, Slag & Ash (6.6%), Copper & Articles (5.9%), Inorganic Chemicals (4.9%), Cereals (2.9%), Pearls & Precious Stones (1.4%), Zinc & Articles (1.3%), Aluminium & Articles (1.1%) and Products of Mining Industry (1.1%).

According to Kazakhstan customs data, Kazakhstan’s top 10 export commodities accounted for 90.1% to overall value of export shipments recorded in 2020. Among Kazakhstan’s top 10 export categories, pearls & precious stones and copper & articles were the largest gainers, while mineral fuels & oils and iron & steel were major decliners. Kazakhstan export data reveals dollar amount of Kazakhstan’s top 10 exports in 2020.

Kazakhstan’s Top 10 Exports

Kazakhstan’s Top Export Partners

Kazakhstan’s Top 10 Export Partners

Based on Kazakhstan export data, Kazakhstan’s top 10 export partners in 2020 were China (USD 9.0 billion), Italy (USD 6.6 billion), Russia (USD 4.8 billion), Netherlands (3.1 billion), Uzbekistan (USD 2.1 billion), Turkey (USD 2.1 billion), India (USD 1.9 billion), France (USD 1.8 billion), Switzerland (USD 1.5 billion) and Greece (USD 1.4 billion).

Kazakhstan customs data shows Kazakhstan’s top 10 export partners shared 73.9% to overall value of shipments recorded in 2020. From a continental perspective, 53.9% of Kazakhstan exports by value were delivered to fellow European countries while 43.8% were sold to Asian importers, Kazakhstan export data reports. On the basis of actual shipping records, we deliver quality Kazakhstan trade statistics that value every business type & size.

Kazakhstan’s Top 10 Export Partners

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