Burundi Export Data

Burundi exports value of 2018 was (approx.) $180 Million according to Burundi export data. While export data of Burundi 2019 shows an (approx.) value of $181 Million. These both year’s values are derived from Burundi customs data.

Burundi is an East-African country with a ranking of 180th position in the top countries exporting. Burundi export statistics show the top exports were made for ‘Pearls and Metals’. While the biggest exporting partner of Burundi was ‘UAE’ as per the export statistics of Burundi.

Burundi export data and Burundi trade statistics are part of the overall Burundi trade data. Both trade statistics of Burundi and export data of Burundi play an important role in the operations of a business.

Export Genius provides Burundi export data in the form of Burundi shipment data with the help of customs. The details of the shipment data are derived from Burundi customs data and prepared.

Look at what kind of data we provide and how Burundi export statistics will play an important role in your business. Meanwhile, you can get a sample for Burundi customs data or you can do a live search.

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About Burundi Export Data

Burundi export data is represented in the form of Burundi shipment data with help of Burundi customs data. As aforementioned, the details of customs help to get the information about outbound shipments. These pieces of information are revealed through ‘fields’. The major fields are - Date, Product Description, Importer & Exporter Names, Origin & Destination Country, HS Code, Quantity, Value, Weight, Value, etc.

The information(s) we provide is sourced from authorized Burundian Customs Departments, Government Bodies, Trade Associations, Port Authorities, Shipping & Logistics Companies, and other authoritative links. Burundi export data availability is from January 2018 to the present as per our database.


Burundi Export Data

Burundi shipment data consists of different fields and hence, different information, taken from the details of the Burundi customs data. The information obtained from this form of Burundi export data ranges from the names of importer and exporter, the country from where the shipment originated, and the country where it will be terminated. Information on the product being shipped is also shown such as its quantity, value, weight, and description.

Date 15-Aug-2020
Exporter Name ***** Importer Name *****
Origin Country Zambia Consignment Country Zambia
Destination Country Switzerland HS Code 740200000000
HS Code Description Unrefined copper; copper anodes for electrolytic refining.
Product Description Copper Anodes
Quantity 30932 Unit KGM
Gross Weight 30932 Net Weight 30932
Customs Value TZS 414407065


What are the Main Exports of Burundi?

Main exports of Burundi in 2019 were Pearls and Metals with a share of 36.9% ($66.8 Million), Coffee and Spices with a share of 33.1% ($59.8 Million), Ores, Slag & Ash with a share of 7.3% ($13.2 Million), Milling Products with a share of 5.7% ($10.3 Million), Mineral Fuels & Oils with a share of 2.6% ($4.7 Million), and so on, as per the Burundi export data.

According to the Burundi trade data on the right, ‘Pearls and Metals’ were the highest Burundi export in 2019. While the least exported product was ‘Industrial Machinery and Parts’ as per the Burundi export data of 2019.

The conclusion that can be made is that businesses dealing in the first sector have more probable chances of having better fortunes than those businesses dealing in the second sector.

Main Exports of Burundi


Who Exports the Most to Burundi?

Burundi exported the most to these countries in 2019 - UAE with a share of 39% ($70.4 million total exports), DR Congo with a share of 11% ($19.9 million total exports), Pakistan with a share of 6.1% ($11 million total exports), Switzerland with a share of 5.7% ($10.3 million total exports), Germany with a share of 3.6% ($6.5 million total exports), and so on, according to Burundi export data.

Burundi trade data on the left shows the top exporting country of Burundi is ‘UAE’. According to our databases, Burundi exported the most products to UAE are these - Pearls and Metals; Ores, Slag, and Ash; Coffee and Spices; Mineral Fuels & Oils. Burundi top exports and productions are seen to be higher for agricultral items and food crops. Assumption here is that UAE depends on Burundi for these products the most, hence, UAE stands top in the export partners of Burundi for year 2019 as per the Burundi export data.

Exports the Most to Burundi

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