Argentina Export Data

Argentina shipped USD 65.1 billion worth of goods in 2019. According to Argentina export data, that dollar amount reflects a 5.4% increase from 2018 to 2019. Officially the Argentine Republic, Argentina is a country in South America.

Argentina trade data shows that given Argentina’s estimated population of 45.1 million people, the total value of exports in 2019 translates to roughly USD 1,400 for every resident in the South American country.

Argentina export data

What are Argentina’s Main Exports?

Top export commodities of Argentina are Residues & Waste from the Food Industries (14.6%), Cereals (14.4%), Vehicles (8.9%), Animal or Vegetable Fats & Oils (7.1%), Oil Seeds & Oleaginous Fruits (6.2%), Meat (5.8%), Mineral Fuels & Oils (4.5%), Pearls & Precious Stones (3.9%), Fish & Crustaceans (2.7%) and Miscellaneous Chemical Products (2%) according to Argentina export statistics.

As per Argentina shipment data, Argentina’s top 10 exports accounted for 70.5% of the overall value shipments recorded in 2019. Oil seeds represent the fastest growing product group among Argentina’s top export categories. And miscellaneous chemical products recorded the maximum decline of -20.1% in value of shipments year over year.

Argentina export product

Argentina’s Top 5 Export Partners

Top 5 export partners of Argentina are Australia (USD 7,967 million), China (USD 6,325 million), United States (USD 2,875 million), Vietnam (USD 2,749 million) and Chile (USD 2,670 million). These countries shared 34.6% value to total exports in 2019.

According to Argentina trade data, 31.7% of Argentina’s exports by value were delivered to fellow Latin American countries excluding Mexico but including the Caribbean. 29.6% worth of commodities were shipped to importers in Asia, while 14% to European buyers. Smaller percentages recorded from Australia (12.4%), Africa (6.5%) and North America (5.7%).

Argentina export partners

More About Argentina Export Data

Argentina Export Data covers trade statistics, in-depth market analysis, market intelligence and shipment details of country’s export activities. It contains Date, Exporter Names, Product Specifications, HS Code, Value, Quantity, Port and many more fields. This information is based on Shipping Bills, Import Bills, Invoices and other documents filed by companies.

We collect Argentina trade statistics from Argentinian Customs, Port Authorities, Shipping & Logistics Companies, Government Bodies and Trade Associations. Argentina export statistics is updated monthly and available from year 2010.

Samples of Argentina Export Data

Export data of Argentina comes in Single Type only, in which Argentinian exporters are covered only, besides other specific columns. See samples below to know exact Argentina export data format.

Argentina Export Sample #1
Day2Commercial Quantity2
Month1Commercial Unitunits
Year2018Item Number4
Date01/02/2018Fob Item (usd)6540.54
Export Id18001EC01000024SCif Item (usd)6540.54
Country DestinationU.SSubitem Number1
Hs Code84306990900Fob Subitem (usd)3695.2
ProductTHE DEM? S. OTHERS. OTHER MACHINERY, grading, leveling, tamping ( 'SCRAPING'), DIG, COMPACTING, AQuantity Subitem1
Brand32 4665 GQA 56COperation TypeExports to consumption
AttributesCA00-Type Of TransportAquatic
Total Fob (usd)31784.6IncotermFOB
Total Cif (usd)31784.6
Argentina Export Sample #2
Day2Total Cif (usd)31784.6
Month1Commercial Quantity2
Year2018Commercial Unitunits
Date01/02/2018Item Number4
Export Id18001EC01000024SFob Item (usd)6540.54
ExporterSANDVIK ARGENTINA SACif Item (usd)6540.54
Country DestinationU.SGross Weight0
Hs Code84306990900Subitem Number2
ProductTHE DEM? S. OTHERS. OTHER MACHINERY, grading, leveling, tamping ( 'SCRAPING'), DIG, COMPACTING, AFob Subitem (usd)2845.34
Brand5565 32 GMA / 56CQuantity Subitem1
AttributesCA00-CustomBuenos Aires
Total Fob (usd)31784.6Type Of TransportAquatic

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