Dainichi Color Vietnam Co., Ltd.

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Sample Bill of Lading

Date 29-Jan-2019
Importer Name Dainichi Color Vietnam Co., Ltd.
HS Code 25252000
Product Description BX-106 # & Additives (MICA 325 HK; chemical name: Natural Phlogopite Mica; CTHH: K2 (Mg , Fe)
6Al2Si6O20 (OH , F) 4; CAS No 12001-26-2)
Quantity 10896
Unit Kg
CIF 11712.6552
Country of Origin Canada
Export Country Canada
Unit Price Usd 1.07495
Payment Condition KC
Import Country Viet Nam
Vietnam Import Port Nam Dinh Vu port

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Shipment Details of Dainichi Color Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Date HS Code Product Description Quantity Value Importer Exporter Foreign Country [10] More Fields
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29/Jan/2019 25252000 BX-106 # & Additives (MICA 325 HK; ... 10896 11712.6552 Dainichi Color Vietnam Co., Ltd. View Exporter Canada
07/Jan/2019 25262010 BX-134 # & Additives (TALC RH215 , ... 16000 15840 Dainichi Color Vietnam Co., Ltd. View Exporter China
09/Jan/2019 25262010 BX-136 # & Additives (TALC FH305; C... 25995 12217.65 Dainichi Color Vietnam Co., Ltd. View Exporter China

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