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List of Wheat Exporters in Brazil

  • Jpm Comercio E Exportacao Ltda

    brazil  Exporter of Brazil

    01 container de 40hc containing:2.350 boxes with foodstuff:goncalvessalted margarine30x200grjacobs coffee 20x500grkisabor paprika 12x30grkisabor powered nutmeg 12x08grkisabor powdered cilantro 12x20grkisabor popcorn 24x500grkisabor cornflour 12x500grfood brands corn flour 12x250grkisabor yellow homi

  • Protecta Comercio De Produtos Agropecuarios Eireli

    brazil  Exporter of Brazil

    04x40�hc containers containing of brazilian buck wheat 118 bag

  • Gts Cargo Apoio Administrativo Ltda Me

    brazil  Exporter of Brazil

    One 40� x 8� x 9�6" high cube slac 2,023 package please see attached rider for 1060 cartons 963 bales 150 yuca baked natural snack 120 yuca baked natural snack 300 sour starch 300 sweet starch 150 onion cream soup 250 corn grits 43 tapioca pearls 70 annatto seasoning 100 flavored wheat snack 150

  • Agility Logistics

    brazil  Exporter of Brazil

    One 40� x 8� x 9�6" high cube slac 20 packages wooden packing with 3231 cardboard box popcorn wheat flour cookies mix artificial

  • General Mills Brasil

    brazil  Exporter of Brazil

    01x40 - container containing:3.196 packages yellow corn grits microwave pop corn butter36,100 gr120fd white corn grits corn grits cassava flour corn flour mimoso 24,500gr microwave popcorn.natural sweet starch tapioka wheat kimilholarge flakes cassava mix carqueja tea(bac charisgenistelloides boldo

  • General Mills Brasil Alimentos Ltda

    brazil  Exporter of Brazil

    01x20 container containing: 869 packages - 260 fd and 609 box with: 20 fd cod. 713-0025031 corn grits 12,500 g 10 fd cod. 713-0025042 bread crumbs 24,500 g 10 fd cod. 713-0025045 corn flour mimoso 24,500 gr 15 fd cod. 713-0025046 corn flour mimoso fd cod. 713-0025075 bulgur wheat 12,500 gr 199 box c

  • Nutrimental Sa Industria E Comercio De Alimentos

    brazil  Exporter of Brazil

    01 x 40�hc container said to contain 3.200 cartons containing 300 ctn - nutrilon infant cereal bag 225 ctn - nutrilon infant cereal bag rice (12x230g) 300 ctn - nutrilon infant cereal bag oats (12x230g) 300 ctn - nutrilon infant cereal bag multigrain (12x230g) 175 ctn - nutrilon infant cereal bag b

  • Cma Cgm Logistics

    brazil  Exporter of Brazil

    (one) 20?� dv cntr with polis:hed ornamental stones, as follows?: 1 box(s) and 7 bundle(s);;1.0;20,983;20;;d;container;fcl;1.0;0.0 ;31214666;5/01/2018;muehlstein de guatemala s.a.;14 calle guatemala guatemala guatemala real reforma, 14 calle, guatemala, guatemala;muehlstei

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