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List of S Net Exporters in Brazil

  • Jbs Sa

    brazil  Exporter of Brazil

    1068 cartons containing?: frozen boneless beef shin 99 cartons shank 969 cart:ons net

  • Marfrig Global Foods Sa

    brazil  Exporter of Brazil

    01 container 4087cartons frozen boneless beefshoulder (halal)net 53 cartons frozen boneless beefoyster blade (halal) s34 cartons frozen bonelessbeefchuck tender(halal)net 135cartons frozen boneless beefchuck(halal) 06cartons frozen boneless beefmiddleribsnet 246 cartons frozen boneless beefneck (hal

  • Jose Orion Martins Feitosa Me

    brazil  Exporter of Brazil

    Ofbrazilian coconuts of piassava palm, mixed size, duly packed in 560x 50 kg net polypropylene bags

  • Fast Cargo Agenciamento De Cargas Nacionais E Int Ltda

    brazil  Exporter of Brazil

    One 20� x 8� x 8�6" general pu slac 7 crates 06 wooden bundles with 41 polished stone slabs, and 01 box with 06 pieces 43,988 m2 giallo ornamental 03 cm (07 slabs) 42,315 m2 alasca white 03 cm (07 slabs) 79,831 m2 yellow verona 03 cm (13 slabs) 81,137 m2 netuno bordeaux 03 cm (14 slabs) 0,060 m2

  • Tropfruit Nordeste Sa

    brazil  Exporter of Brazil

    (005 40� x 8� x 9�6" reefer con slac 515 drums frozen concentrate orange juice ratio min 16 - limonin <,7, packed in 513 drums of 266 kgs net each one. frozen orange pulp wash, ratio min 14 packed in 2 drums of 260 kgs net each one.

  • Delfin Group Brasil Ltda

    brazil  Exporter of Brazil

    01 x 40� dry container with: 61 volumes containing: 2 pcs spa #j180 quality 50hz 1 pc banheira #thw198112a s,b,bl,wr arre 3 pcs cobertura termica spa j185 2 pcs cobertura termica spa terrace 3 pcs cobertura termica spa j210 4 pcs banheira #ce180130a cr p1 s,b ch 5 pcs banheira #pa18080a arredobagno

  • Usina Bela Vista Sa

    brazil  Exporter of Brazil

    15x 20 containers brazilian white crystal sugar packed in new brown polypropylene bagswith inner polythene lining of about 50kilos net each

  • Louis Dreyfus Co. Brasil Sa

    brazil  Exporter of Brazil

    10x20containers saidto contain brazilian white crystal sugarpacking: in new 50kg net each, newpolythene lined polypropylene bagssuitable for export

  • Usina Santa Fe Sa

    brazil  Exporter of Brazil

    10 x 20 dry containers with 5,400bags containing brazilian white crystal sugar - 180 icumsapacking : in new poly-lined polypropylene bags of about 50 kg netweight each

  • Usina Bazan Sa

    brazil  Exporter of Brazil

    20x 20 containersof brazilian white crystal sugar packed in new brown polypropylene bagswith inner polythene lining of about 50kilos net each

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