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List of G I T Exporters in Brazil

  • Euro America International Freight Forwarders

    brazil  Exporter of Brazil

    1 container 40 hc with: 7 treated and certified wooden pallets containing: 72.423,25 sq.ft vegetable tanned cowhides, full grain, in sides, 2.0,2.4mm, color natural, abc 2.025,25 sq.ft vegetable tanned cowhides, full grain, in sides, 1.4,1.6mm, article texon, color black, tr -

  • Buckman Laboratorios Ltda

    brazil  Exporter of Brazil

    01x20dry contaning 18 ibcs intermediate bulk container) dangerous goods tcmtb dm sc u.n: 2810 p.s.n: toxic liquid chemical corrosive, name organic, : (2- (thiocyanomethylthio ) benzothiazole) imo class: 6.1 p.g: ii

  • Mineracao Curimbaba Ltda

    brazil  Exporter of Brazil

    120 bag argila refrataria largamente empregada na industria de refratarios como aglomerantes. tambem sao utilizadas na fabricacao de vidrados, fritas e engobes contendo bauxita nao calcinada (minerio de aluminio), bauxita seca moida na cor marron, granulometria 200

  • Gelita Do Brasil Ltda.

    brazil  Exporter of Brazil

    01 container 40hc said to contain: 20 big bags in 20 wooden pallets containing: food grade gelatine frombovine hides 200 bloom 18 m

  • Borrachas Vipal S.A.

    brazil  Exporter of Brazil

    40? hc said to contain pallets: (numbers 34, 36 and 37) with 0083 boxes (combination packing) 650 met:al cans with 160 l into 17 boxes and 120 tubes into 20 boxes with 5,4:l into 01 box overpack used x 18 (fibreboard boxes 4g) on pallet conta ining vulcanizing cement proper shipping name?: adhes

  • Pisoforte Revestimentos Ceramicos Ltda

    brazil  Exporter of Brazil

    03 x 20 dry container containing:2.646 cartons into 63 wooden packages with 5662,44sqm glazed ceramic tiles 1st quality

  • Palmyra Do Brasil Ind Com De Silicio Metalico Recursos

    brazil  Exporter of Brazil

    16 x 20 stc: 400metric tons of silicon metal, ofbrazilian origin,in bulk, solid,granular particles, in containers

  • Minerva Sa

    brazil  Exporter of Brazil

    01 container 40 977 cartons brazilian frozen boneless beef cut tongue swiss cut 900 g up iwp

  • Mm2 Marmores E Granitos

    brazil  Exporter of Brazil

    01 x 20 open top container con 08 wooden bundles como sigue: "madeira tratada y certificada". 49,410 m2 marmol branco pinta verde 02 cm [09 placas] 15,390 m2 granito gris imperial 02 cm [03 placas] 15,930 m2 granito ubatuba green 02 cm [03 placas] 25,650 m2 granito gris imperial 02 cm [05 placas] 59

  • Vicunha Textil Sa

    brazil  Exporter of Brazil

    99 roll tabeae4055vr steve plus ii tejido plano 98% algodon 2% elastano, sarga, micro esmerilado, tenido reactivo color 1.318,07 m taimay1032ca missy - tejido plano - mezclilla 67% algodon , 30% poliester , 3% elastano- satin - hilados de distintos colores color tairaa4242ca blaine - tejido plano -

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