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List of Additive Exporters in Brazil

  • Agility Logistics

    brazil  Exporter of Brazil

    002 x 20 x 8 x 86" tank conta slac 2 tank with oloa 269r-lubricating oil additive.

  • Ecu Worldwide

    brazil  Exporter of Brazil

    3 pallets contain lubrizol 5947lc, std black &, yellow -metallic detergent additive for of the productlubrizol 6401 std black &, yellow - dispersant additive

  • Evonik Degussa Brasil Ltda

    brazil  Exporter of Brazil

    10 x 40 st containing 200 pallets with 8000 bags of biolys - 25 kg bags - l-lysine sulphate >,= 54,6% with fermented of c.glutaminium grain, light brown, additive amino acid and fermented for use in feeding all animal species. dimensions of each pallet: 1,14 x 1,14 x 1,25 *200 = 324,90 cbm

  • Lubrizol Do Brasil Aditivos Ltda

    brazil  Exporter of Brazil

    05 20 x 8 x 86" tank conta slac 5 tank of the product lubrizol 116.90 (ashless dispersant additive for)

  • Kuehne &, Nagel

    brazil  Exporter of Brazil

    03 contenedores de 20 diciendo contener: 42 cajas de carton sobre 42 paletas de plasticos conteniendo cables de alambre de acero revestidos con bronce o laton 3024 carretes metalicos bs60 294 separadores plasticos 42 paletes plasticos;;3.0;56,797;56;;d;container;fcl;3.0;0.0 ;31237764;23/01/2018;

  • Hoyer Global

    brazil  Exporter of Brazil

    02 20 x 8 x 86" tank conta slac 2 tank container, generic ashless dispersant additive for lubrican - product

  • Icc Industrial Comercio Exportacao E Importacao Ltda

    brazil  Exporter of Brazil

    01 container 40fcl with 1080 bags containing: hly40 - aditivo preb:ioticio para camarones (prebiotic additive for shimps):

  • Predilecta Alimentos Ltda.

    brazil  Exporter of Brazil

    1x40 ?hc stc 120 drums containing aseptic guava pulp concentrate, 14-16 brix, pink: variety reduced stonecells, screen size 0,3mm, all natural without an: y additives , ex brazil crop 2017,2018 pre 0076,17 ( 100 drums ) asept:ic guava pulp, >,9 brix, pink variety

  • Coim Brasil Ltda

    brazil  Exporter of Brazil

    01 dry container 20 111 packages on 20 pallets containing: urecom 650 pre polymer in primary form urecom 235 pre polymer in primary form exter c2-270,60-55 additive for polyol polyester exter c1 270 polyol polyester exter c2-m7 additive for polyol polyester

  • Infineum Brasil Ltda

    brazil  Exporter of Brazil

    1 isotank container said to contain additive lubricant

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