Wine Import in India - Data Analysis of Indian Wine Market of Q2 2017

05 August 2017
Wine Import

India is a complex drinks market where wine’s share is extremely small than whisky. Wine is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks in India.  If we check the recent stats of alcoholic drinks import data, wine import business in India recorded USD 6500141 during April-June 2017. The Indian wine industry has been steadily growing over the last years. India did constant import business of wine during this period i.e. USD 2011699, USD 2327624, USD 2160819 in April, May and June respectively.

Traditionally, India is not a wine drinking country. The exposure to new culture, growth in foreign tourists, changing demography are the main factors to higher consumption of wine in India. Wine is becoming a part of urban Indian life style and also more acceptable to women and youth. In India, youth are craving an alternative to hard liquors and developing a more refined taste. The wine market is opening up as quantitative restrictions are being lifted and import duties are being lowered.

Wine is one of the highest taxed products in India as it is considered a luxury, not a necessity. The use of wine is discouraged by Indian Constitution. The customs duty on wine import in India has been increased from 100% to the maximum permissible rate of 150%. Here, we take a comprehensive look at the analysis of wine import in India on the basis of wine brands, wine importers in India, exporting countries and India port where Indian wines arrived.

Wine Import

Month (2017)

Value (USD)








5 Most Imported Wine Brands in India

Jacobs Creek is the most imported brand of wine in India. During Q2 of 2017, the wine of this brand has imported with the value of USD 962419. In the case of wine imports in India, Jacobs Creek is followed by Moet & Chandon, Sauvignon, Dom Perignon and Carlo Rossi. However, Moet & Chandon is next in the list of most imported wine in India which recorded USD 871141 from April-June 2017. Most Indian states have not prohibited alcohol and some (e.g. Maharashtra) even facilitate wine grape growing and wineries as an important sector of agriculture.

In our alcoholic beverages data, you will get the list of wine brands which are importing in India with their import value. Refer the following table to check the most imported wine brands in India.

5 Most Imported

Wine Brands

Value (USD)

Jacobs Creek


Moet & Chandon




Dom Perignon


Carlo Rossi


*above stats are based on Q2 2017 Report

Wine Exporting Countries of India

The most sought-after imported wine brands in India are from France, and French wines account for almost one-third of the total imports in value terms. Australian wines are the second highest imported followed by Italy. France exported wine to India with the value of USD 213447 during 2nd quarter of the year 2017. Australia exported wines to India with the value of USD 1083886 while it is USD 974012 for Italy.

If you are looking for wines exporters in foreign countries, visit the website of Export Genius. Go through the following table to check the top wine exporting countries of India.

Exporter Country

Value in USD







United States


United Kingdom




South Africa


*above stats are based on Q2 2017 Report

Maximum Shipments of Wine Arrived at Tuglakabad ICD

As per the alcoholic beverages import data, Tuglakabad ICD recorded maximum shipments of wines with the value of USD 3268150 from April-June 2017. While Nhava Sheva Sea (JNPT) recorded second highest maximum shipments of wines with the value of USD 2142613. In Wine Imports, JNPT is followed by Delhi Air, Patparganj ICD and Gari Harsaru ICD. Here is the table for top Indian ports where maximum shipments arrived of wines in terms of value.

Port Wise Analysis

Indian Port

Value (USD)

Tuglakabad ICD


Nhava Sheva Sea (JNPT)


Delhi Air


Patparganj ICD


Gari Harsaru ICD


*above stats are based on Q2 2017 Report

List of Wine Importers in India

The number of wine importers in India is growing with the list of importers increasing every year. More than 300 wine importers in India did wine import business during Q2 of 2017. Here, we are providing the top 10 wine importers in India. You can get the wine importers in India list from our alcoholic drinks report.

            ·         Brindco Sales Pvt Ltd.

            ·         Pernod Ricard India Pvt Ltd.

            ·         Delhi Duty Free Services Private Limited

            ·         Sula Vineyards Pvt. Ltd.

            ·         Aspri Spirits Pvt. Ltd.

            ·         Moet Hennessy India Private Limited

            ·         Lakeforest Wines Pvt. Ltd.

            ·         Air India Ltd

            ·         DFS India Private Limited

            ·         Radico Khaitan Ltd

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