What is Philippines Export Data? Philippines Trade Data Benefits

29 March 2019
Philippines Export Data

A positive growth in the import-export business is absolutely resulted from the right market intelligence information. And when it comes to import any product to the Philippines, a good market research is essential, which comes from Philippines export data. It is a set of customs-based statistics that are collected when shipments depart from the country via sea, air & road. The major question is how to get this data with great accuracy and comprehensiveness. In this article, we will understand about Philippines export data and its benefits to the businesses and the best market research platform to get this data.  

Philippines export data covers a wide range of information about the country’s market and its components such as company, commodity, price, value, quantity, etc. It is collected from the Filipino Customs, shipping & logistics companies, trade associations and government bodies. There are many ways to get this data like – attending trade events, contacting embassies & government agencies, registering at trade promotional councils and of course purchasing the data from a reliable market research platform like PhilippinesTradeData.com. Getting data directly from this website is more beneficial than other options as it gives complete and the most accurate Philippines shipment data. Let’s have a complete picture of Philippines export data.  

Philippines export data covers:

                    ·         HS Code with Product Description

                    ·         Sea, Air and Road Shipments

                    ·         2, 4, 6 & 8 Digit Level HS Code

                    ·         Philippines and Foreign Companies

                    ·         Historical Data from 2008

We provide two types of Philippines export data –

      Type 1 – Philippines Single Side Export Data

This type of data covers Philippines exporters only, besides other fields. If you want to import any product to the Philippines, you can generate the list of active suppliers in the Philippines. As a whole, you can have in-depth analysis of country’s exporting activities with a larger view of product specifications. So, if you want to get this type of data, just check the columns and format from the sample given below.





Exporter Name

Schenker Philippines INC

HS Code


Product Description

Activated Carbon Other

Gross Weight (KG)




Per Unit Price USD


Foreign Country


Type 2 – Philippines Both Side Export Data

Philippines Both Side Export Data covers Philippines exporters and overseas importers, besides other market details. It contains data fields more than that in type 1. You can certainly increase your customers by generating the list of active suppliers in the Philippines. So, if you complete Philippines export data of this type, you can just have a look at the sample given below to know the data coverage.


01 July 2018

Philippines Exporter Name

C and G Philkor Resource Trading

Consignee Name

Coconut Spices Co. Ltd.

HS Code


Product Description

Fresh Young Coconut (Dehusked)

Destination Country

Hong Kong



Gross Weight (KG)


Package Number


Package Unit


FOB Value





Major Benefits of Philippines Export Data

Our Philippines export data is beneficial to businesses at a large scale. We help logistics companies, importers, exporters, market research agencies, financial institutions, media groups and other industries to grow their business with the right market intelligence information.

                         ·         Make the list of qualified exporters in the Philippines.

                         ·         Monitor shipment details of companies to keep a close eye on their trading activities.

                         ·         Analyse port-wise data to find the real prospects in the Philippines.

                         ·         Come up with better findings on the Philippines trade from our comprehensive data.

                         ·         Check shipment details of your competitors to stay ahead in the market.

                         ·         Approach major companies in the Philippines to provide financial solutions.

Market research information is a key to business success. It helps in taking the right decisions, finding the best prospects and maximizing the business profits. So, if you are planning to do business in the Philippines and want to import products from the country, Philippines export data will help you in doing your business successfully.

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