What is HTS Code? How to Find Harmonized Tariff Code 2017 in USA?

18 October 2017
HTS Code Online

What is HTS Code? HTS Code referred to Harmonized Tariff Schedule which is the primary resource for defining tariff classifications for goods imported into the United States of America. HTS classifies a product based on its name and assigns it a ten digit classification code number. HTS is based on the international Harmonized System, the global system of nomenclature that is used to describe most world trade in goods. It is developed and maintained by WCO (World Customs Organization). Almost all countries base their tariff schedules on the WCO’s Harmonized System. As per the USA customs, the revision of 2017 HTS takes effect on July 01, 2017. It provides the applicable tariff rates and statistical categories for all commodities imported into the United States.

We‘ve updated the HTS Code list of USA on our website. The HTS Codes 2017 of any product from 2-digit Chapters to a specific 10-digit code can be founded online via www.exportgenius.in/hs-code/usa

Introduction to US HTS Codes

The Harmonized Tariff Codes 2017 of USA marked for statistical reporting purpose that is published by United States International Trade Commission. The USA Rules of Interpretation are applied to the legal provisions of chapters 1 through 97 to determine how goods should be classified in the headings and subheadings of the HTS. While many shipments may be eligible for different duty action under United States chapters 98 or 99 on proper documentation. The tariff code is a universal standard which is same up to 6-digit in almost countries and it is often unique after 6th digit and determined by individual country of imports.

HTS Code takes the same form as HS Code for the first six digits and then has four differing last digits. The harmonized tariff schedule has 99 chapters which come into 22 sections. Toys & sports equipment appear in Chapter 95 and works of art are found in Chapter 97. Chapter 77 is for possible future use and Chapter 99 is for commodities not elsewhere specified. Each section of the 10-digit HTS Code represents a predefined nomenclature. You may notice the pattern to find how the HTS Code more defined and segmented as the number of digits increase.

How to Find HTS Code Online?

Here, you can learn how to find HTS code online on our website. You can go through the following steps to search the HTS codes online of any particular product.

              1.       Go to the link available on our website i.e. www.exportgenius.in/hs-code

              2.       Click on the given flag of the country named with HS Code of USA.

              3.       The HTS Code List 2017 of USA will be available there.

              4.       Now, search HTS code by product name or by 2-digit Chapter.

              5.       The right HTS codes will appear on your screen.

Here, we take an example to understand HTS Code from Chapter (2-digit) to Tariff Item Level (10-digit). The HTS Code 1006204020 is for long grain rice which is mainly categorized under husked rice.


HTS codes are important because they not only determine the tariff duty of the traded commodity but also keep a record of international trade statistics that are used in all the countries across the world. For example, USA census uses these codes to define the value, quantities, weights, countries traded with etc. that the USA exports or imports. The classification of imported goods is first the legal responsibility of importers, while the interpretation of the HTS with regard to such goods is the responsibility of Customs.

We at Export Genius recently did update in the HS Code list of different countries for better search. We mainly provide Import Export Data based on actual shipment records. For any further clarifications, visit our website i.e. www.exportgenius.in or you may reach us through email (info@exportgenius.in)
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