What is HS Code? How to Find HTS or HSN Code 2017?

27 September 2017
HS Code

HS Code is Harmonized System Code, which is also described as Harmonized Tariff Schedule and it is used in import export business to define a product. Most of the countries use HS Code up to 8 digit level. However, few countries like Russia, USA and South Korea use HS Code up to 10 digit level. You can lookup country wise HS Code on our website http://www.exportgenius.in/hs-code

 Structure of HS Code

There are 98 Chapters listed in Harmonized System and each chapter defines a specific category of a product. These chapters come into 21 Sections. The HS Code consists of 8 digits. The first two digits define the Chapter. Let’s say Chapter 01 is for live animals or Chapter 29 is for organic chemicals. The next two digits define the Heading. The third two digits designate the HS Sub-Heading. And the last two digits designate the Tariff Item Level. This is how 8 Digit HS Code Defines.


Let’s understand HS Code by below example:


More Facts about HS Code

·         HS Code came into effect in 1988.

·         It is developed & maintained by the World Customs Organization (WCO).

·     At present, 2017 edition of the Harmonized System is the valid version applied in global trade activities, which came into force from 1st Jan 2017. It includes 233 sets of amendments.

·      Since inception, the Harmonized System has undergone 5-time changes in the classification of products. These changes are called revisions and were implemented in 1996, 2002, 2007, 2012 and 2017.

·        Chapter 77 is reserved for future use of classifying any product under Harmonized System.

·       For Government, HS Code enables officials to identify the goods being imported & exported for the purpose of duty & tax collection, enforcement of national laws & international treaties and analysis for worldwide trade negotiations.

·        For importers and exporters, correct classification of a product is a legal responsibility. Non-compliance can lead to shipment delays, fines, increased inspections and other administrative penalties. 



How to Find Right HS Code of your Product?

Export Genius did its best to collect right HS Code List from Various countries, so you can check relevant HS Code of your product in any country before doing import or export business in the country! Find below how to search HS Code in various countries.

HSN Code in India

HS Code is also known as HSN Code in India. Goods are classified into Harmonized System of Nomenclature or HSN. It is used up to 8 digit level. For HSN Code search of your product in India, click on http://www.exportgenius.in/hs-code/india.  

HTS Code in USA

In United States of America, goods are classified into Harmonized Tariff Schedule or HTS. It is used up to 10 digit level. For HS Code list of USA, click here http://www.exportgenius.in/hs-code/usa.  

NCM Code in Brazil

HS Code is commonly Known as NCM Code in Brazil. The products in Brazil are classified into NCM Code, which is used up to 8 digits. The full form of NCM is Nomenclatura Comum do Mercosul. Search NCM Code of any product at http://www.exportgenius.in/hs-code/brazil.

HS Code in China

China uses Harmonized System Code to classify commodities for imports and exports in 8-digit level. Sometimes Chinese also use HS Code up to 10 Digit level to describe a product more specifically. For HS Code of China, click here http://www.exportgenius.in/hs-code/china.  

HS Code of Other Countries

We at Export Genius provide HS Code of other countries as well. For HS Code directory, click on – Russia HS Code, Indonesia HS Code, Vietnam HS Code , South Korea HS Code.

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