What does Vietnam Export? List of Largest Vietnam Export Products

22 February 2018
Vietnam Export Products

Vietnam shipped USD 219796 million worth of goods around the globe in 2016, which increased from 2015’s USD 162016 million, Export Genius report reveals. It is a leading market research company providing 100% accurate Vietnam export data with shipping details and international trade data of 60+ countries. Vietnam exports electrical machinery and equipment, under HS Code 85, the most to the world. Vietnam is also the biggest supplier of footwear, gaiters, machinery, nuclear reactors and boilers. The country’s top 10 exports accounted for 73.4% of the overall value of its global shipments. Let’s have a detailed analysis of Vietnam’s top exports with Vietnam export statistics of 2016.

Vietnam's Top 10 Export Products

Electrical machinery & equipment at 2-digit level HS Code is the largest exported product of Vietnam, which contributed 36.21% to total Vietnam’s exports. Vietnam export products of telephone sets the most at 4-digit level HS Code, which valued at USD 43470 million in 2016. At 6-digit level HS Code, mobile phones under HS Code 851712 worth USD 33542 were exported the most by Vietnam in the said year. And if we analyse Vietnam industry and exports, crude petroleum oil is one of the largest Vietnam products exported maximum in 2016. Here is a look at what does Vietnam export mostly to the world countries at 2-digit level HS Code.


HS Code

Product Description

2016 Value %

HS Code 85

Electrical Machinery & Equipment


HS Code 64

Footwear & Gaiters


HS Code 84

Machinery, Nuclear Reactors, Boilers, etc.


HS Code 62

Articles of Not Knitted Apparel & Clothing Accessories


HS Code 61

Articles of Knitted Apparel & Clothing Accessories


HS Code 94



HS Code 09

Coffee, Tea & Spices


HS Code 03

Fish and Crustaceans


HS Code 42

Articles of Leather, Travel Goods, Handbags, etc.


HS Code 27

Mineral Fuels & Oils



Detailed Analysis of Vietnam’s Top 5 Exports

Vietnam trade of products shows that the country exported electrical machinery and equipment the most under 2-digit level HS Code. It is followed by footwear, machinery and articles of knitted & not knitted apparel & clothing accessories. Through our report on Vietnam’s top exports, we would like to give you a wider picture of things to import from Vietnam so that you can boost your business. Our report is based on true shipment records that are collected from Vietnamese customs. Our data fields of Vietnam export data includes – Vietnamese suppliers name, foreign importer name, HS Code, product description, value, quantity, origin & destination country, etc. So, let’s just don’t waste time and analyse Vietnam’s 5 largest export products in detail.  

        1.    Electrical Machinery & Equipment

Electrical machinery & equipment stood as the largest Vietnam main export products in 2016 under 2-digit level HS Code, which contributed 36.21% to Vietnam’s total exports. Vietnam electrical machinery exports valued at USD 79586 million in the said year. The United States of America is importing goods from Vietnam of Chapter 85 the most, which amounted USD 5153 million values in the said year. 


        2.    Footwear & Gaiters

Under 2-digit level HS Code itself, footwear and gaiters under Chapter 64 stood as the 2nd largest export product of Vietnam in 2016. It recorded 8.36% share in value and USD 18385 million. Vietnam supplied footwear and gaiters valued USD 4097 million maximum to the United States of America in 2016.

          3.    Machinery, Nuclear Reactors, Boilers, etc.

After footwear & gaiters, machinery, nuclear reactors, boilers, etc. under Chapter 84 contributed maximum to the total exports of Vietnam. It registered 6.85% share in value and USD 15063 million in 2016. USA imported products under this chapter the most from Vietnam, which valued at USD 2343 million in this year.


           4.    Articles of Not Knitted Apparel & Clothing Accessories

Articles of not knitted apparel & clothing accessories stood as the 4th largest exporting goods under 2-digit level HS Code in 2016. It shared 5.90% value to total exports of the country. During this year, this country supplied goods of Chapter 62 worth USD 12972 million to the world. And its largest export partner of articles of not knitted apparel & clothing accessories is the United States of America, which imported goods worth USD 4592 million during 2016.

         5.    Articles of Knitted Apparel & Clothing Accessories

Articles of knitted apparel & clothing accessories stood as the 5th largest exporting products of Vietnam under 2-digit level HS Code. Chapter 61 goods recorded 5.39% share in value and USD 11841 million in 2016. Vietnam supplied maximum articles of knitted apparel & clothing accessories to the United States of America in this year, which recorded USD 6316 million trade value. This means, USA is the largest importer country of Vietnam’s top 5 export products.

10 Largest Export Partners of Vietnam

Vietnam import export data shows that Vietnam’s largest export partner is the United States of America, which contributed 20.7% share in value during 2016. After US, China, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong (China), Germany, UAE, Netherlands and United Kingdom imported goods the most from Vietnam in this year. So, how much all these countries contributed to the Vietnam’s total exports in 2016? Let’s find from the chart and table given below in which you can find Vietnam export statistics of 10 largest Vietnam trade partners in export category.



2016 Value (USD Million)

2016 Value %










South Korea



Hong Kong, China












United Kingdom







If you want to buy complete report on Vietnam exports, you can visit our website at www.exportgenius.in and fill up our quick enquiry form to get a sample of product of your choice. Suppose you want to import shrimp from Vietnam, you need to know who the trusted and biggest Vietnam suppliers of shrimp are. Look at the sample of Vietnam exports of shrimp (HS Code 16052190) below and get an idea about data fields.



Vietnam Exporter Company

Cafatex Fisheries Joint Stock Company

Importer Company

Marubeni Corporation

HS Code


Description of Goods

Shrimp peeled off the tip left fried dough fried frozen size 71/90 Packing: 0.5kg / bag x 6 / carton x 3 / bag # & VN





 Value (US$)


 Unit Price (US$)


Origin Country


Port of Loading

Cat Lai Port (Ho Chi Minh City)

Export Country


Import Country


Port of Discharge

Osaka - Osaka


From this Vietnam export sample, your basic and important business questions related to Vietnam export goods will get answered that are mentioned below.

              ·         When shrimp get exported from Vietnam?

              ·         Who are the Vietnam exporter company and foreign importer company?

              ·         What is the HS Code and description of product?

              ·         At how much value and in how much quantity, shrimp get exported from Vietnam?

              ·         From which country and from which port, shipments get loaded?

              ·         From which country and from which port, shipments get discharged?

And our analysis report on Vietnam exports will answer your business questions such as who is importing goods from Vietnam, what to import from Vietnam, how to import from Vietnam and so on.

To buy our market research report and data, e-mail us at info@exportgenius.in.

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