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28 March 2018
Russia Import Data

In 2017, Russia imports USD 226.96 billion worth of goods from the world. However, the country is not one of the largest importing countries in the world. Russia has world’s 6th largest economy by GDP PPP and 12th largest by nominal GDP. Russia became a member of World Trade Organization in 2012. It is also the member of other trade organizations such as GECF, CIS, APEC, G20 and others. The major imports of Russia mainly include machinery, electrical machinery, vehicles, medicaments etc. The commodities mainly arrive in Russia from China, Germany, United States and Belarus. Let’s take a comprehensive look at the detailed analysis of top import products of Russia and know the largest import partners of Russia and the Russia import statistics.

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Top 10 Import Products of Russia

In 2017, around half of Russia’s total imports in terms of value were purchased from European countries. Russia main imports include machinery, electrical machinery, vehicles, pharmaceuticals, plastics, optical, articles of iron or steel, iron and steel, edible fruits & nuts and rubber. Russia top 10 imports accounted for approximately 60% of the overall value of its products bought from other countries. Refer the below table to check the trade figures of Russia major imports recorded in 2017.


Value (USD Million)



Electrical Machinery










Articles of Iron/Steel


Iron & Steel


Edible Fruits & Nuts




*Above stats are based on 2017 report

Here, we are describing the complete analysis of top five major imports of Russia. The products listed below are at the 2-digit HS Code level.

Machinery and Mechanical Appliances

According to Russia import data, machinery is the largest product group recorded highest dollar values in Russia’s import purchases in the year 2017. Russia imports of machinery stood at USD 45287 million in 2017. Laboratory equipment and automatic data processing machines are the most imported products in the machinery category. It has seen a heavy growth in machinery imports after 2015 as the demand for this product is increased on a large scale in the country. China is the top supplying country of Russia for this product.

Electrical Machinery and Equipment

Electrical machinery which is classified under HS Code 85 includes electronics & equipment, sound recorders & reproducers, television, electric motor etc. Russia electrical machinery imports worth USD 26729 million in 2017. The country recorded declined in import value by 14% since the year 2012. Telephone sets mainly mobile phones are the most demanded product in the country as it recorded one-third value of total electronics imports. China is the largest Russia import partner which recorded 42.2% value in Russia’s total imports of this product in 2016. Germany, France and Vietnam are other Russia top import partner for this product.


Vehicles including motor cars and tractor accessories are one of the most demanded products that Russia imports from the other countries. Russia imports of vehicles from the global market amounted to USD 21377 million during the year 2017. Vehicles represent the fastest growing Russian import category and raised by around 40% of value during 2016-17. However, it was declined by 26% of import value between 2012 and 2016. Japan and Germany are the top vehicles import partners of Russia which recorded 21.4% and 17.9% of share value in the total imports of this product group.

Pharmaceutical Products

Russia imports of pharmaceutical from the other countries worth USD 10834 million in 2017 while it was USD 8907 million in 2016. The country imports of these products are increased by 20% value during 2016-17. The country is one of the largest pharmaceuticals importing countries in the world. Germany, France and United States are the top Russia import partners for this product. Medicaments, usually called as medicines, consisting of mixed or unmixed products for therapeutic uses classified under HS Code 3004 are the most demanded commodity in this category.

Plastics and Articles Thereof

Russia imports of plastics stood at USD 8765 million in 2017 and it recorded USD 7540 million in 2016. The country’s plastic imports down by 12% in terms of value between 2012 and 2016. Articles of plastics, polymers of ethylene, non-cellular plastics are the most demanded plastics products in Russia which imported from the other countries. Germany and China are the top Russia import partners for plastics products. Plastics recorded the most modest increase among the top imported categories with a slight improvement.

Russia Import Statistics of Last 5 Years

Russia imports of goods down by 28% since 2016 but it is raised by 24.5% during 2016-17. Russia imports recorded USD 226.96 million in 2017 and USD 182.26 million in 2016. However, the country’s imports were declined by 15% of value since 2012. Check the Russia Import Statistics of last five years in the given table below.


Value (USD Billion)












10 Largest Russia Import Partners

Russia is importing goods from more than 150 countries of the world. China is the largest import partner of Russia and imports worth USD 48042 million in 2017. Germany, USA, Belarus, Italy, France, Japan, Korea, Kazakhstan and Ukraine are next in the list of top Russia import partners. Check the following table and know their trade figures recorded in 2017.


Value (USD Million)





















*Above stats are based on 2017 report

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01 March 2017

Russian Importer Name


Importer Address

191119, City, Saint-Petersburg, Ul.Dostoevskogo, D.19 / 21

Foreign Exporter Name

АCM Global

Exporter Address

Yo10 4dz, City, York, 23 Hospital Filds Roud

HS Code


Description Of Goods

Diagnostic Tests For The Determination of Pregnancy On The Basis Of Mono And Polyclone Antibodies Of Animal Origin Without Human Contact (In-Vitro Application Method) For Clinical

Gross Weight

0.5 Kg

Net Weight

0.4 Kg

Customs Value

RUB 2051.87

Departure Country

United Kingdom

Country of Destination


Country of Origin



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