What are the Major Products Exported from Sri Lanka?

16 March 2018
Lanka Export Data

Sri Lanka is an island nation in the Indian Ocean and located in the south-eastern coast of India. Sri Lanka is a member of some trade organizations such as SAFTA (South Asian Free Trade Area), WTO (World Trade Organization) and IOR-ARC (Indian Ocean Rim Association). The main economic sectors of Sri Lanka are tourism industry, tea, apparel, textile, rice production and agricultural products.

Sri Lanka exports of goods to the world worth USD 10545 million in 2016 and represented 0.1% of the global exports. Since 2012, Sri Lankan exports have been increased by 3% in terms of value. Apparel and clothing accessories stood as the largest export product of the country. United States, United Kingdom and India are its main export destinations and together they recorded around 44% share in Sri Lanka exports during 2016. In this article, we are discussing the top Sri Lanka export products and Sri Lanka export partners.

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Top 10 Sri Lanka Export Products

Sri Lanka top 10 exports accounted for over two-third of the overall value of its total exports. Refer the below table to check the trade figures of 10 largest Sri Lanka export products recorded in 2016.


Value (USD Million)

Knitted Clothing


Not Knitted Clothing


Coffee, tea, mate and spices


Rubber and articles thereof


Electrical Machinery and equipment


Natural Pearls and precious stones


Edible fruits and nuts


Fish and crustaceans


Miscellaneous edible preparations


Mineral fuels and oils


*Above stats are based on 2016 report

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Detailed Analysis of Major Exports of Sri Lanka

Let’s take a comprehensive look at the detailed analysis of five major exports of Sri Lanka including clothing accessories, coffee & tea, rubber and electrical machinery.

Knitted Clothing

The articles of apparel and clothing accessories i.e. knitted are classified under HS Code 61 recorded export value USD 2702 million in the year 2016. United States is the top export destination for this product where the country has exported 45% of knitted clothing. In this product group, ladies garments such as slips, petticoats, briefs, suits, jackets skirts, trousers etc. are most exported products from Sri Lanka to the world. It has seen a growth in exports of this product by 7% in terms of value between 2012 and 2016.

Not Knitted Clothing

The not knitted clothing including apparel articles and clothing accessories mainly classified under HS Code 62. In this product group, brassieres, girdles, corsets, braces, ladies garments and men wear are majorly exported by Sri Lanka in the global market. Sri Lanka exports of not knitted clothing to the world worth USD 1895 million in 2016. However, the export of this product is declined by 5% of value during 2015-16. Again, United States is the top demanding country of textiles from Sri Lanka.

Coffee, tea, mate and spices

Sri Lanka is the 10th largest exporter country of the product group including coffee, tea, mate and spices which are classified under HS Code 09. Sri Lanka exports of coffee, tea, mate & spices stood at USD 1525 million during 2016. Tea is the main export product and the country stood as second largest tea exporter in the world. Iran, Russia, Iraq and Turkey are the main export destinations for Sri Lanka’s tea. Cinnamon tree flowers also exported by country majorly to the world. However, it has seen a decline in tea exports by 5% during 2015-16.

Rubber and articles thereof

Sri Lanka exports of rubber to the world worth USD 801 million during the year 2016. USA, Germany and Belgium are the main rubber export markets of Sri Lanka. Rubber and articles thereof mainly classified under HS Code 40. The retreaded rubber tyres, pneumatic tyres and natural rubber are the top Sri Lankan exports in this product group. The country exports of these products declined by 6% of value since the year 2012.

Electrical Machinery and equipment

Electrical machinery and equipment including sound recorders, reproducers, television, telephone sets etc. are classified under HS Code 85. Sri Lanka exports of electrical machinery to other countries amounted to USD 241 million in the year 2016. Switzerland and India are the top countries purchasing electrical machinery equipments from Sri Lanka. In this product group, the country is exporting mainly cable wire, electrical transformer, boards, panels and telephone sets. The export sale of these products is raised by 6% of value during 2015-16.

Top 10 Sri Lanka Export Partners

According to Sri Lanka Export Data, it is exporting its products to more than 150 countries across the world. The country has maintained its export sales in the global market for over six years. USA, UK, India, Germany, Italy, Belgium, UAE, China, Netherlands and Japan are Sri Lanka’s largest export partners. Sri Lanka exports to USA, UK and India stood at USD 2810 million, USD 1045 million and USD 753 million respectively. Here is the table providing top 10 Sri Lanka export partners with their trade figures recorded in 2016.


Value (USD Million)





















*Above stats are based on 2016 report

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12 October 2017

Exporter Name

Hirdaramani International Exports Pvt Ltd

Exporter Address

23 Floor West Tower Echelon Square World Trade Center Colombo 01 Sri Lanka Tel / Fax Attn New Email Web

Importer Name

Michael Kors

Importer Address

11 West 42nd Street 3rd Floor New York NY 1036 United States Of America Tel / Fax Email Web Attn New

Destination Country

United States Of America

Origin Country

Sri Lanka

Port of Discharge


HS Code


Product Description

70% Cotton , 30% Poly – Knitted


1940 NIU

Net Weight

259.51 KGS


USD 19151.68


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