What are the Major Imports of Sri Lanka? Sri Lanka Import Products List

19 March 2018
Sri Lanka Import Data

The estimated value of Sri Lanka purchasing power parity stood at USD 278 billion in the year 2017 while it was USD 265 billion in 2016. Sri Lanka has a trade deficit with most of the countries as the country exports labour, tourism and debt foreign borrowings. Sri Lanka imports of goods from the world worth USD 19500 million in 2016 and total imports raised by 3% of value during 2015-16. The country mainly imports energy sector products including mineral fuels and oils followed by mechanical appliances, vehicles and electrical machinery. China and India are the largest goods import partners of Sri Lanka. Let’s check below to know the detailed analysis of Sri Lanka Imports.

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Top 10 Import Commodities of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka top 10 import products accounted for over half of the overall value of its total imports. Here is the table representing 10 major imports of Sri Lanka with their value recorded in 2016. The below listed products are classified at the 2-digit HS Code level.

HS Code


Value (USD Million)

HS Code 27

Mineral Fuels & Oils


HS Code 84

Machinery & Mechanical Appliances


HS Code 87



HS Code 85

Electrical Machinery and Equipment


HS Code 60

Knitted or Crotched fabrics


HS Code 39



HS Code 52



HS Code 25

Salt, Lime and Cement


HS Code 72

Iron and Steel


HS Code 71

Natural Pearls


*Above stats are based on 2016 report

Sri Lanka is one of the main markets for Chinese and Indian traders. If you want to do business with Sri Lankan companies, find the right business partner for your product by getting the list of new customers. Know more about Sri Lanka Imports and Exports including shipments and market trends. Let’s take a look at the detailed analysis of top five import products of Sri Lanka.

Mineral Fuels & Oils

Mineral fuels and oils imports into Sri Lanka stood at USD 2333 million in 2016 which represented 12% of the total imports of the country. Petroleum oil is the most demanded product in Sri Lanka. Crude oil, coal and other petroleum products are also the major imports of the country in this product group. UAE, Singapore and India are the biggest markets from where Sri Lanka is exporting petroleum products.

Machinery & Mechanical Appliances

Machinery, mechanical appliances, nuclear reactors, bulldozers and parts thereof are classified under HS Code 84. Sri Lanka imports of machinery & mechanical appliances from the world worth USD 1750 million during the year 2016. In this product group, automatic data processing machine is the most imported product in the country. China, India and Japan are Sri Lanka’s top import partners for this product category.


Sri Lanka imports of vehicles from the global market stood at USD 1499 million in 2016. In this product group, motor cars, goods transport vehicles and motorcycles are the most demanding products that imported majorly by the country. India and Japan are the top countries from which Sri Lanka is importing motor vehicles. As Sri Lanka’s 81% of the vehicles were purchased from these two countries in 2016.

Electrical Machinery and Equipment

Electrical machinery and equipment including telephone sets are comes under HS Code 85. Telephone sets mainly mobile phones imported majorly by Sri Lank in this product category. Sri Lanka imports of electrical machinery & equipment recorded USD 1375 million in the year 2016. And the imports of these products into Sri Lanka increased by 29% value during 2015-16. China, followed by India, is the biggest market exporting mobile phones to Sri Lanka.

Knitted or Crotched fabrics

Fabrics is one of the most demanded products in the Sri Lankan market. In import export business, the knitted or crotched fabrics comes under HS Code 60. China, Taipei and India are the countries from where Sri Lanka imports fabrics majorly. Sri Lanka imports of fabrics stood at USD 797 million during 2016. It has seen a raise of 5% in fabrics imports since the year 2012.

Top 10 Sri Lanka Import Partners

Sri Lanka is importing commodities from more than 100 countries of the world. China, India, UAE, Singapore and Japan are the largest countries from which the country importing products majorly. Sri Imports from China and India stood at USD 4270 million and USD 3824 million in 2016 respectively and together these two countries recorded 41.5% share in Sri Lanka’s total imports. Refer the below table to know the 10 largest goods import partners of Sri Lanka with their value recorded in the said year.


Value (USD Million)



















Hong Kong


*Above stats are based on 2016 report

Besides Sri Lanka, Export Genius is also providing the trade data of more than 60 countries of the world. However, Subscribe for Sri Lanka Trade Data and get the list of buyers and suppliers and know their trading activities. Here is the Sample of Sri Lanka imports including the major data fields that we cover in our report.


20 October 2017

Importer Name

Sena Gem Trading House Pvt Ltd

Importer Address

41/B Ridgeway Pl Marine Drive Colombo 04

Supplier Name

Yiwu Speedy Flying Trading Co Ltd

Supplier Address

3/F No 7 Yongjin Avenue Yiwu China

Origin Country


Destination Country

Sri Lanka

Loading port


HS Code


Product Description

Water tube boilers with a steam production >45t/hour,


33.65 KGM

Total Value

USD 80


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