What are the Main Export Products of Brazil? List of Top Brazil Exports

14 March 2018
Top Brazil Exports

Brazil is the 5th largest country by area and 6th largest by population in the world. The country is one the growing economies in the world. Brazil has the world’s 6th largest economy by nominal GDP and 8th largest by purchasing power parity. Brazil exports of goods to the world worth USD 217 billion in 2017. In 2016, Brazil stood as 21st largest exporter country and recorded USD 185 million in the said year.

The top Brazilian export product groups are oil seeds & oleaginous fruits, ores & slag and mineral fuels & oils. The top export destinations of Brazil are China, USA, Argentina and Netherlands. In this article, we are providing the major exports of Brazil, Brazil export partners and Brazilian export statistics.

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10 Major Exports of Brazil

Brazil top 10 exports accounted for 65% of the overall value of its global shipments. Soya bean is the top export of Brazil, followed by iron ores, crude oil, cane sugar and motor cars. Here is the table representing trade figures of top 10 Brazil export products at 2-digit NCM Code level i.e. HS Code.

HS Code (NCM Code)


Value (USD Million)

HS Code 12

Oil Seeds & Oleaginous Fruits


HS Code 26

Ores, Slag & Ash


HS Code 27

Mineral Fuels & Oils


HS Code 87



HS Code 02

Meat & Edible offal


HS Code 84

Machinery & Mechanical Appliances


HS Code 17

Sugars & its confectionary


HS Code 72

Iron and Steel


HS Code 47

Pulp of wood


HS Code 23

Residues & Waste from food industries


*Above stats are based on 2017 report

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Here, we are providing the complete analysis of top five Brazil export products.

Oil Seeds & Oleaginous Fruits

In the category of oil seeds, soya Bean is the number one product among the highest value of Brazilian export products in 2017. Groundnuts, fruits, plants and locust beans are the other major exports in this product group. Brazil exports of oil seeds & oleaginous fruits to the world worth USD 26008 million in 2017 and the export sales of these products raised by 35% value during 2016-17. China, Spain, Netherlands and Thailand are the main oil seeds exports destinations of Brazil. China is the main market for Brazil’s oil seeds exports as 80% of the oil seeds exported to China only in 2017.

Ores, Slag & Ash

Brazil is the second largest exporter country of this product group. Brazil exports of ores, slag & ash to the global market stood at USD 22397 million in 2017. Iron ore is the top export product of Brazil in this category. The other leading exports in this product group are copper ores, manganese ores, tin ores, lead ores etc. China is the biggest market purchasing ores & slag from Brazil as around half shipments of this product group arrives to China only. Japan, Malaysia and Netherlands are other top export destinations for this product.

Mineral Fuels & Oils

Brazil exports of mineral fuels & oils to the other countries stood at USD 18723 million in 2017. It has seen a heavy declined in the export sale of this product by 30% value between 2012 and 2016. However, the country has maintained its export market for this product and recorded a growth of 50% value during 2016-17. Crude oil, petroleum products, tar coal oil, coal are the leading Brazil exports in this category. China, USA, India and Chile are the top Brazil export destinations for this product group.


Vehicles are one of the most exported product group from Brazil to the other countries. Brazil exports of vehicles amounted to USD 14723 million in 2017 and it was USD 10971 million in 2016. This is one of the fastest growing exports of Brazil since 2015. Argentina, Mexico, Chile and USA are the main vehicle export destinations for Brazil. More than half shipments of the vehicles from Brazil arrived in Argentina in last years. Motor cars, goods transport, motor vehicles accessories, tractors are the most exported products in this category.

Meat & Edible meat offal

Brazil is the world’s second largest exporter country of meat & edible offal after United States. Brazil exports of meat & edible meat offal stood at USD 13953 million in 2017 while it was USD 12655 million in 2016. In this product group, the top exports include edible offal of fowls, meat of bovine animals, swine, sheep, goat, horse etc. China, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia and Russia are top Brazil export destinations for this product. The large demand for this product in China from Brazil recorded since the year 2015.

Brazil Export Statistics of Last 5 Years

Brazil export sale was declined by 7% of value between 2012 and 2016. It got a heavy declined in the export sales during the year 2015 and 2016. However, the country has covered its export market and up by 20% value in 2017. Check the Brazil export statistics of last five years in the given table below.


Value (USD Billion)













Top 10 Brazil Export Partners

Brazil is exporting its products to more than 190 countries across the world. China, United States, Argentina, Netherlands, Chile, Germany and India are the largest Brazil export partners. Brazil exports to China stood at USD 47488 million in 2017 which represented 22% value of total Brazil exports. Brazil exports to USA stood at USD 27045 million during the same period and represented approximately 12% value of the Brazil exports. Refer the below table to know the 10 largest goods export partners of Brazil with their value recorded in 2017.


Value (USD Million)





















*Above stats are based on 2017 report

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