Vietnam Mobile Phone Export Data and Report for Jan 2017 - A Quick Data Analysis

21 April 2017
Vietnam Mobile Phone


          1.     Vietnam exported mostly Samsung mobile phones in Jan 2017.
          2.     Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge was the largest export mobile phone model.
          3.     United Arab Emirates stood as the top importer country.

Samsung stood as the largest mobile phone brand, which did 94.15% export business from Vietnam in January 2017. Its export value and quantity recorded USD 1658067871 and 10344861 pieces respectively. If we have an overall look on mobile phone export data report of Vietnam Jan 2017, the country supplied 14285296 pieces of all mobile phone brands and registered USD 1761177586 export value. As technology industry has been witnessing a larger expansion all over the world, mobile phone companies are achieving many milestones. Let’s understand the Vietnam market of mobile phones in a comprehensive way.


Brand-wise Analysis – Samsung Mobile Phone Brand the Major Hit

Vietnam exported mobile phones of Samsung brand the most in Jan 2017. LG and Nokia stood at 2nd and 3rd position respectively. What Vietnam export data report of Jan 2017, prepared by Export Genius reveals about these mobile phone brands? Find out below:

Brand Wise Analysis

Model-wise Analysis – Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Largest Export Mobile Phone Model

A new Vietnam export data of mobile phone has revealed that Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge was the largest mobile phone model exported by Vietnam in Jan 2017 in terms of value. Its total quantity stood at 916153 pieces. Let’s put the Vietnam export statistics on largest mobile phone models in chart and table.

Model Wise Analysis


Model Name

Export Value USD (%)

Export Value (USD)

Quantity (Pieces)

Galaxy S7 Edge




Galaxy A5




Galaxy S7




Galaxy J7




Galaxy Grand Prime




We provide authentic Vietnam exporters of mobile phones as our data is based on customs details. In this report, we found that Vietnam’s Samsung Electronics Vietnam Company Limited Thai Nguyen exported mobile phones the most in Jan 2017. Its total value in percentage and total value in USD stood at 54.64% and 962293887 respectively. The company exported 6844897 pieces of mobile phones from Vietnam in the said month. It mostly exported Galaxy A5 model.

We also provide foreign buyers list of mobile phones in our export data of Vietnam. Few of them are given below:

1.    Microsoft Mobile Company

2.    Nokia PTE Ltd.

3.    Microsoft Mobile Australia Pvt. Ltd.

4.    Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

5.    Microsoft Mobile (China)

Importer Country wise Analysis – UAE Top the Charts

According to mobile phone shipment data of Vietnam, the country exported mobile phones of all brands mostly to the United Arab Emirates in Jan 2017. Mobile phones of Samsung brand were largely purchased by the country. The chart below shows the Vietnam export statistics of mobile phones of 5 largest importer countries.  

Country Wise Analysis


Specification-wise Analysis – Battery, RAM, ROM, 4G & More

The Vietnam export customs data of mobile phones shows that mobile phones of 3000 MAH battery were largely exported by the country. 4GB RAM and 16GB ROM mobile phones were mostly supplied in Jan 2017. To view the Vietnam export statistics of mobile phones specification-wise, see below.

Specification wise Analysis

Vietnam Export Sample of Mobile Phones

If you want to subscribe mobile phone export data of Vietnam, check out the sample below first and gain knowledge on which data fields are covered. 

Table of Content :-

Here is what you gain from our mobile phone export data report of Vietnam.

1.    You can have brand-wise data analysis in which you can figure out export values and volumes of various mobile phone makers.

2.    You can learn which mobile phone models were exported the most by Vietnam.

3.    You will find authentic Vietnam exporters and foreign importers with company details that will help you in getting new business partners & tracking your competitor’s shipments.

4.    You can also have specification-wise data analysis.

5.    You will also get to know various transport methods through which Vietnam exports mobile phones to different parts of world.

6.    From our yearly reports, you can compare current market fluctuations of mobile phones in Vietnam from previous months.

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