Vietnam Export Data – Useful Guide on Shipment Data of Vietnam

20 July 2018
Vietnam Export Data

When it comes to import any product from Vietnam, a comprehensive study of country’s market is important, with the help of Export Genius Vietnam Export Data. What is the purpose of having export data of Vietnam? How it is useful to business? There are more questions about Vietnam export trade data. Let’s have in-depth knowledge of Vietnam shipment data.

About Vietnam Export Data

Vietnam Export Data is a collection of statistics, which are based on every shipment departing from the country’s ports. It is a comprehensive database on Vietnam’s exports. It gives facts and figures on market components such as product, industry, price, value, quantity, etc. and on Vietnam companies supplying the commodities. Export trade data of Vietnam also gives details of foreign companies importing goods from Vietnam. Let’s have a short view of Vietnam trade data:

                 ·         Updated on monthly basis

                 ·         Available up to 8-digit level HS Code

                 ·         Comes with actual description of product

                 ·         Sea, air, road and domestic/warehouse shipments covered

                 ·         Data also comes in Vietnamese language

Collection Sources of Vietnam Shipment Data

We always are careful in collecting export shipment records as Vietnam customs data comes from authentic sources directly. These sources are – Vietnam Customs, Shipping Authorities and Ports. We get raw data of Vietnam exports and our team of database filter every piece of information on the basis of duplication, misconception, etc. This we do so that our clients must get correct figures and market information through shipment data of Vietnam.

Format of Vietnam Customs Data

After filtering the raw data, we provide Vietnam customs data in Excel Format. It covers comprehensive data columns including Date, HS Code, Product Description, Vietnamese Exporter Details, Foreign Importer Details, Value, Quantity, etc. Let’s understand the format of Vietnam customs data from a sample given below.


01 October 2017

Vietnam Exporter Company

Hong Phong Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

Importer Company

Hengfeng Shoes Trade (H.K) Limited

HS Code


Product Description

HP-060 # & Women’s Shoes (PU), Style: 2021/2023/2087 # & VN

Quantity (Pair)


Value (USD)


Origin Country


Vietnam Export Port

CFS Saigon ICD Transimex Joint Stock Company

Importer Country


Export Country


Foreign Port

Barcelona, Spain


To Whom, Export Data of Vietnam is Useful?

Business without information is like numbers without digits. So, doing proper market research and analysing all possibilities related to an industry is important in doing business. When it comes to do business in Vietnam and import goods from this country, our trade statistics of Vietnam is useful as it covers shipping records that are collected directly from customs. Our Vietnam export customs data is useful to the following:

i.  Vietnam Exporters: Analyse competition level by getting details of export companies.

ii.  Foreign Importers: Find active Suppliers in Vietnam in the data.

iii.  Logistics Companies: As port is covered in the data, find companies to provide logistics services.

iv.  Banks: Approach both Vietnamese and foreign companies to give financial services.

v.  Research Agencies: Study Vietnam market in all aspects from the data.


Vietnam Export Scenario of 2017

Vietnam exports in 2017 valued at US$254 billion, which rose from 2016’s US$176 billion. Let’s have a look at 5 year Vietnam export statistics.



Value US$ Billion












Top 5 Industries in Vietnam

Vietnam exports of electrical machinery and equipment under Chapter 85 were the highest in 2017, which contributed 38.73% value to country’s total exports. Here is the list of commodities with Vietnam trade statistics that were exported the most by Vietnam in 2017.


HS Code

Product Description

Value in USD % (2017)


Electrical Machinery & Equipment



Footwear, Gaiters, etc.



Machinery, Mechanical Appliances, etc.



Not Knitted or Crocheted Apparel & Clothing



Knitted or Crocheted Apparel & Clothing



Top 5 Export Destinations of Vietnam

Vietnam exports to the United States of America recorded the highest share in value of 21.8% in 2017. It was followed by China, Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong, China. Here is the list of top 5 export destinations with export statistics of Vietnam.



Value USD % (2017)







South Korea


Hong Kong, China



In the end, it can be concluded that business is nothing without information, so it is important to gather correct facts and figures about Vietnam exports through customs data of Vietnam is essential to grow business while importing goods from the country. We are the best and a reliable source for import-export data of 60+ countries and market research reports on 20+ countries based on product specifications.

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