USA Import Export Data – Ways to Find US Import & Export Companies

04 January 2020
USA Import Export Data

The United States of America is the 2nd largest export economy in the world and the 7th most complex economy. According to USA import export data, the country purchased goods worth US$ 2,612 billion in 2018, while shipped commodities worth US$ 1,665 billion. The top exports of the United States are Cars, Refined Petroluem, Gas Turbines, Planes and Helicopters. Its major import commodities are Crude Petroluem, Cars, Computers, Broadcasting Equipment and Vehicle Parts. The top export destinations of the U.S. are Mexico, Canada, China, Japan and Germany. Its major import origins are China, Mexico, Canada, Japan and Germany. Check USA trade statistics with a larger picture of US imports and exports.

US Top Imports

According to US import data, the country purchased machinery, mechanical appliances and other products in this group the most in 2018, which shared 14.77% value to total imports. Top 10 US import commodities accounted 67.36% of the overall value to import shipments.


Value US$ Billion

Machinery, Mechanical Appliances, etc.


Electrical Machinery and Equipment




Mineral Fuels & Oils


Pharmaceutical Products


Optical, Photographic, Medical, Equipment, etc.


Furniture, Bedding, Mattresses, etc.




Natural or Cultured Pearls & Precious Stones


Organic Chemicals



US Top Exports

According to US export data, the country shipped machinery, mechanical appliances and other commodities in this group the most in 2018, which shared 12.81% value to total exports. Top 10 US export products accounted 70% value to total shipments.


Value US$ Billion

Machinery, Mechanical Appliances, etc.


Mineral Fuels & Oils


Electrical Machinery & Equipment


Aircraft & Spacecraft




Optical, Photographic, Medical, Equipment, etc.




Pearls & Precious Stones


Pharmaceutical Products


Organic Chemicals



US Trade Partners

The ongoing trade war between the United States and China over high import tariff has benefited other trading partners of the U.S., especially Mexico and Canada. In fact, Mexico and Canada has become the largest trading partner of the US, leaving China on third position. However, in 2018, the United States imported goods the most from Canada and Mexico, while it supplied products the most to China and Mexico.

From a continental perspective, about 45% of America’s total imports by value in 2018 were purchased from Asian suppliers. Another 25.8% of goods were imported from North American trading partners, while 21.9% worth of shipments originated from Europe.

As per USA export statistics, the country supplied about 33.9% of total exports to fellow North American countries. Another 31..4% were exported to buyers in Asia, while 21.6% of total shipments were delivered to European countries.


Import Value US$ %


Export Value US$ %

















United Kingdom





How to Find Importers and Exporters in the United States?

If you are planning to start your import-export business in the United States, market research information is a key to your success. Certainly, you may feel hard to find suitable buyers or suppliers in the United States for your product. How this problem can be solved? Check some best options below to find the right business prospects.

                         1.    Market Research

Do a good market research and analyse & compare products & services with pricing of various import-export data providers. You can ask for a demo of each one to know exact data fields covered in their data. After fulfilling all your business requirements, you can choose a company which provides you the data with complete information including company names.

                         2.    Custom Departments

If you have any link up with any custom department, this will be beneficial for your business as you will receive actual shipment details with information on US importers & exporters. You can also check websites of these departments to have online access of US customs data samples.

                         3.    Trade Promotion Councils

You can register with trade promotion councils of your industry as they have links up with companies in USA and other countries. In fact, they provide online data with shipment details of traded commodities and companies.

                         4.    Government Bodies

You can check websites of government bodies as these are updated with specific trade information about US companies who import and export goods from the country.

                          5.    Social & Business Networks

The other option for you to find buyers and suppliers in the United States is establish a social and business network around the world. Use social networking websites and access business accounts of US companies. You can contact them, tell them your business requirements and finalize the best deal.

                         6.    Trade Publications

You can subscribe for trade magazines, newspapers, newsletters and other periodicals for gathering information about companies who import and export goods from the country. These publications contains interviews of popular businessmen, graphics & statistics on their trade performance, comparison of their business performance with last years & other companies, etc.

                         7.    Logistics Companies

If you are into import-export business and take transportation services from a logistics company, you can ask the company to provide details of other companies who take their services. You can shortlist from the list as per your business requirements.

                         8.    US Embassies

Besides all these options, you can approach US embassy within your country and ask for import-export data of the United States with company details. They can provide you market intelligence information in order to boost bilateral of the US and your country.

                         9.    Global Trade Events

Import-export companies from most of the countries attend global trade events and exhibit their products. You can also attend these events and share a podium with them to establish business network.

                         10. Online Sources

The last but not least, you can use Internet and browse business and trading websites of government and other private agencies to look import and export companies in the United States.

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