Turkey will Resume Export of Dairy Products to China

26 June 2020
Turkey Export Data

Turkey now plans to resume exports of milk and other dairy products to China. The government said that 54 Turkish companies will be able to supply dairy products to China. In a tweet, Turkish Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan said on 21st May 2020 that she welcomed the Chinese dairy market opening to Turkish exporters, after Chinese authorities deemed Turkey an exportable country.

According to Turkey export data, Turkey’s total exports to China valued USD 2,587 million in 2019, in which Turkey supplied dairy products worth USD 461 thousand to China. Now obstacles to export of milk and dairy products have been lifted, thanks to intensive initiatives taken in coordination by the Agriculture and Trade Ministry and Office of the Commercial Counsellor. China is one of the world’s largest dairy importers in the world with a market of nearly USD 6 billion. This will be a positive initiative for the country to meet the dairy demand of Chinese people.

Turkish dairy companies shipped dairy products worth USD 364 million to the world countries in 2019. The Turkish government will now continue to focus on efforts to ensure market diversity and to increase market share of its agricultural commodities, especially dairy products in China and Far Eastern nations.

Turkey’s Dairy Products Export to China in Last 5 Years

If we see records of last five years, we analyze that Turkey’s exports of dairy products to China recorded the highest value of USD 461 thousand in 2019 and lowest of USD 37 thousand in 2018. Check Turkey export statistics of dairy products to China in the last 5 years through chart and table given below.


Value USD Thousand












Turkey’s Top 10 Export Partners of Dairy Products

Turkey’s main export partners of dairy products are Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Syrian Arab Republic. China is not among major export destinations of Turkish dairy products, however, China imports milk and other dairy products from Turkey in minimal quantity. Here is the list of Turkey’s top 10 export partners of dairy products with their share in values recorded in 2019.



Value USD %



Saudi Arabia


Syrian Arab Republic




United Arab Emirates













In February 2020, Turkey temporarily halted imports of livestock and animal fats from China over the coronavirus outbreak. Coronavirus pandemic originated in China last year, which claimed thousands of lives. From April, Turkey and the United States were severely affected from the disease as millions were infected from the virus. Turkey has now opened lockdown and industries have been opened to start production of goods. As a whole, Covid-19 has impacted economy of Turkey and other countries as well.

Besides China, Turkey has also talked with Russian government for resuming trade of goods. Turkish Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan held a video conference with Russia’s Energy Minister Alexander Novak and both discussed on issues related to the energy sector, which are integral part of the Turkish-Russian economic relations.

At the end, it can be concluded that Coronavirus or Covid-19 has certainly put break on trade between Turkey and China and other bilateral countries as well. As there is no vaccine made till date, it looks virus will not get away from the lives of people any time soon. So, Turkey and other global nations have to take effective measures to control the impact of virus on economy. Many economists and market research agencies have projected slow and negative growth for Turkey and many other countries in 2020. Turkey’s decision to resume exports of dairy products to China is a welcome move for global economy in this bad situation. 
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