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05 September 2017
Vietnam Tractor Export

Vietnam agricultural machinery market has been enhanced in last few years. The government of Vietnam steps up manufacturing of machines and tractors for export and it will also continue with domestic enterprises to produce machines for export in other countries. Vietnam did tractor export business of USD 12423156 in the year 2016. A total of 2872 pieces of tractor has been exported from Vietnam during this year. The tractor with engine capacity less than 1800 cc which come under HS code 87109010 is the most exporting tractor from Vietnam which recorded USD 9939472 which represents 80% of the total’s output. However, Vietnam is exporting four types of Tractors which come under HS codes 87019010, 87019090, 87012090 and 87013000.

Vietnam is exporting two categories of tractors which are used tractors and new tractors. The total number of 2499 used tractors has been exported by Vietnam in 2016 and did 62% of exports from it. While it recorded only 38% of sales from new tractor exports. In this article, we are providing the detailed analysis of tractor exports from Vietnam on the basis of brands, models, exporters, destination countries etc.

Vietnam Tractor Export Data – Top Tractor Brands in Vietnam

Vietnam has exported tractors of 24 brands in other countries across the world. Kubota, Yanmar, Iseki and Mitsubishi are the most exporting tractor brands from Vietnam. Kubota is the largest tractor brand in Vietnam which did sales of USD 4518905 from 1166 pieces of tractors during the year 2016. As per the Vietnam Export Data, more than 150 models of Kubota brand are exporting in other countries. L4508 (45 HP) and B7001DT (14 HP) tractor models of Kubota brands are the top models which exporting from Vietnam. The L4508 model did highest exports of USD 820896 from 73 pieces only while B7001DT did highest exports in terms of quantity with 172 tractors.

Yanmar brand recorded second highest export sales of USD 1883220 from 543 pieces respectively. YM1610D is the most exported model in Yanmar brand which registered USD 127121 from 49 pieces of tractors. The tractors of Daewoo brand registered value of USD 1367500 from the export of 21 tractors only. As the tractors of Daewoo brand are very high in cost in order to other brands. Refer the following table to check the top tractor brands in Vietnam which have exported most in 2016.

Tractor Brands in Vietnam


Value in USD

Quantity in Pieces
















*Above stats are based on 2016 report

List of Tractor Exporters in Vietnam

Around 35 tractor exporters in Vietnam reported during 2016. Hoang Huy Hoang Co., Ltd and Minh Luan Trading Private Enterprise are the largest tractor exporter in Vietnam, together they recorded approximately 58% of the exports in terms of quantity. They are mainly exporting tractors of Kubota, Yanmar, Iseki, Mitsubishi, Shibaura, Suzue etc. Here is the list of some tractor exporters in Vietnam.

             ·         Hoang Huy Hoang Co., Ltd

             ·         Minh Luan Trading Private Enterprise

             ·         IBERO-Vietnam Company Limited

             ·         Han Automobile Service Trading Production Co., Ltd

             ·         Gold Star Agricultural Machine Co., Ltd

             ·         Thanh Thanh Cong Thanh Cong Joint Stock Company

In our Vietnam Tractor Export Report, you will get the complete list of tractor exporters in Vietnam with the other details like its destination country, total value, shares, quantity etc.

Top 5 Tractor Importer Country of Vietnam

Vietnam did highest sales of USD 2584006 from tractor exports from Philippines which is 20.80% of total tractor exports. It is followed by Netherlands, USA, Laos and Australia in the list of top countries to which Vietnam did highest tractor exports. In 2016, Vietnam recorded tractor export value of USD 2028240 from Netherlands which is 16.33% of total value.

If we go through quantity wise analysis, Vietnam exported the maximum number of tractors to Netherlands which is followed by USA, Italy and Australia. A total of 785 pieces of tractor exported to Netherlands while it is 432 to USA, 235 to Italy and 215 to Australia. Go through the below table to check the top destination countries from Vietnam did highest export sales.

top importer country

Importer Country

Value in USD











*Above stats are based on 2016 report

List of Companies which are Importing Tractors from Vietnam

Are you seeking for tractor importing companies in various countries around the world? In our Vietnam tractor export report, you will get the list of companies or importers who are importing tractors from Vietnam. With the help of our report, you will find at what rates they are importing from Vietnam. You will also get the details of complete shipments of these companies. Vietnam has exported to nearly 100 tractor companies from 33 foreign countries during the year 2016. Here are some tractor importing companies in other countries as given below.

             ·         Motorgerate Fritzsch GMBH, Netherlands

             ·         Sekyung Auto Trading CO., LTD, Philippines

             ·         VN Tractor INC, USA

             ·         Sota Components PTY LTD, Australia

             ·         Peter Tibor ES FIA Automobil KFT, Italy

Sample of Tractor Exports from Vietnam

If you want to import tractor from Vietnam, you should know about tractor exporting companies in Vietnam. In Vietnam Tractor Export Data, you will get the list of tractor exporters in Vietnam with their shipments. Here is the sample of Vietnam tractor export data and get a fair idea about complete analytical report.



Vietnam Exporter Company

Hoang Huy Hoang Co., Ltd

Importer Company


HS code


Product Description

4WD Tractor for Refurbished Agriculture - MITSUBISHI D1650FD-PS & JP








1 pieces

Value (USD)


Origin Country


Export Port (Vietnam)

Cat Lai Port (Ho Chi Minh City)

Export Country


Import Country


Foreign Port

Los Angeles - CA


Table of Contents

Subscribe our report to get the complete trade statistics which will help you to make a better decision in your business and to analyse the market trends. In our Vietnam tractor export report, you will know about the following information which is given below.


             ·         What is the total tractor export value of Vietnam in 2016?

             ·         What are the most exporting tractor brands in Vietnam?

             ·         You will know HS code wise analysis in our report.

             ·         Get the list of active Vietnam tractor exporters.

             ·         Know the tractor importing countries of Vietnam.

             ·         Also, get the list of tractor importers in other countries.

             ·         Know the ratio of exports of used and new tractors from Vietnam.

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