Tractor Export from India - Data and Report of January to March 2017

08 May 2017
Tractor Export Data

India is one of the largest manufacturers of tractor across the world. The Tractor Industry has showed a positive growth from January to March 2017. India has exported 12858 tractors throughout Q1 2017. The country has generated 144 USD Million from Indian Tractor Export Market in these three months. The Tractor Industry of India has generated 66.19% value under HS Code 87019300. USA is the major market for Indian Tractor Export with a revenue value of 51.22 USD Million for 1st Quarter of 2017. Tractor exports have been hit by the oil crisis in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka as they are focusing on agriculture and food security. India has exported 1992 tractors to Bangladesh and 1024 tractors to Sri Lanka accounting for 11.11% and 5.61% respectively of world’s output.

Here, we take a comprehensive look at the detailed analysis of Tractor export from India in this article. You will know about the following facts about Indian tractor exports throughout the article. For any further details regarding Tractor export data and report of India, you can go through our website i.e. or drop us a query.

     =>     Which are the top Tractor brands of India that are exporting around the globe?

     =>     Which are the major markets for Indian Tractor Export Industry?

     =>     Which are the Exporter companies of tractors in India?

     =>     Check the brand wise analysis of Tractor Exports from India.

     =>     How much horse power of engine in tractor is considered most in the tractor industry?

     =>     Name the Indian Ports through which tractor industry of India is expanding its export market.


Tractor Export from India – Top Brand Wise Analysis

While John Deere maintained the market leadership, Mahindra lost their position. John Deere has exported 2517 tractors while Mahindra has exported 2191 tractors. New Holland is in competition with their 2165 sales of tractors from January to March 2017. However, it has beaten by Tafe in the month of March. John Deere has generated value of 26.27% which is followed by New Holland with the value of 18.02% of total revenue. You can refer the below table to check the top brand wise analysis of tractors.

Brand Wise Analysis


Name of the Brand

Quantity (Pieces)

John Deere




New Holland




Massey Ferguson


  * above stats is based on report of Jan to March 2017


Brand Model Horse Power Wise Analysis


India is exporting more than 23 Brands of tractors within different categorization of their engines. John Deere 5075 model with 75 HP (Horse Power) has registered a sales of 21 USD Million. It has exported 1192 tractors in the first three months of 2017. It is followed by Mahindra with the export of 2191 tractors.  Mahindra has exported 274 tractors of 4540 model with 40 HP. Mahindra Company has registered a sales of 25 Million in USD with a total value of 17.51%. However, New Holland stood second in the chart with value of 25.30 USD Million, if you will go for revenue. You can go through the following table and graphical representation to know Brand Model Horse Power Wise Analysis of Tractor Export from India.

Horse Power Wise


Model Name with Horse Power

Total Value (in Million USD)

John Deere 5075 model (75 HP)


Tafe 8502 4WD model (80.5 HP)


New Holland 60 4WD model (60 HP)


Mahindra 4540 model (85 HP)


Massey Ferguson 280 (80 HP)


Deutz Fahr 7V9802 (75 HP)


 * above stats is based on report of Jan to March 2017


India Tractor Exports – Horse power Wise Analysis


If we will go for only engine power of tractors which has been exported from January to March 2017. A tractor with 75 Horse Power has been exported most with a quantity of 21.16%. It has registered sales of 29.6 million USD. John Deere has exported 1192 tractors with 75 HP followed by New Holland which has exported 421 tractors with 75 HP engine. After that, 47 HP tractors exported most followed by tractor with 55 HP engine with quantity of 18.78% and 13.88% respectively. As per the report of Export Genius, Tractors with 62 HP engine registered lowest sales of 4.1 million USD. Tafe has exported 424 tractors with 80.5 HP engine having a total value of 4.79% USD.


Tractor Export from India - Tractor Exporter Wise Analysis

Around 36 companies are exporting tractors across the world. Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited has exported 3249 tractors in more than 50 countries. This company has generated 28.8 USD Million in Indian Tractor Export Market. John Deere India PVT Ltd. is again top in the Tractor Export Report of India with 35.8 million USD. Mahindra & Mahindra LTD. is exporting their tractors models i.e. Mahindra and Swaraj with quantity of 2077 and 287 tractors respectively. This company has registered sales of 24.1 USD Million. Some companies like Nova International, Sahzar Enterprise, Kundan International Private LTD and JH Parabia PVT Ltd has exported less number of tractors during Jan to March 2017. Here is the table for exporter company wise analysis of India Tractor Exports.

Tractor Exporter Wise




Tractors & Farm Equipment Limited


CNH Industrial PVT Ltd.


John Deere India PVT Ltd.


Mahindra & Mahindra LTD.


  * above stats is based on report of Jan to March 2017


Exporters Data Wise Analysis


Here, we are providing the details of exporters data wise analysis of India tractor exports from January to March in the table below. You will get a fair idea that which company exporting the most to which country.




Tractors & Farm Equipment Limited

Sri Lanka




United Arab Emirates


CNH Industrial PVT Ltd.





John Deere India PVT Ltd.





Mahindra & Mahindra LTD.







 * above stats is based on report of Jan to March 2017

Tractor Export from India - Importer Country Wise Analysis

USA stood top in the report of Tractor Export from India. India has exported 3534 tractors in first quarter of 2017 with a total quantity of 27.48%. India has generated 51.2 million USD by tractor export in USA. USA has imported tractors of Mahindra, John Deere, New Holland, Case and Massey Ferguson from India. Bangladesh is second in Tractor Export India Data with 1992 tractors import of from India. Sri Lanka, Turkey, Nepal and Myanmar are next in the list of tractor import from India. Check the following table to know the country wise analysis for Tractor Export from India (January to March).

Importer Country Wise


Foreign Country

Quantity (%)





Sri Lanka








United Arab Emirates


  * above stats is based on report of Jan to March 2017

India Tractor Export – Indian Port Wise Analysis


Indian Tractors comes in one of the heavy vehicles. Indian sea ports provide a big support to the Indian Tractor Export Market. JNPT, Mumbai is generating value of 37.39% USD from the total revenue in Indian Tractor Export Market from Indian Ports. A total of 2272 tractors of John Deere and 1584 tractors of Mahindra have been exported most from JNPT during first quarter of year 2017. JNPT is followed by Tuticorin Sea and Albratos CFS with export of 3141 and 1672 tractors respectively. These ports have generated value of 20.72% and 15.15% in USD. Here is the table for Indian port analysis of Tractors export from India.


Indian Port

Total Value in USD (%)



Tuticorin Sea


Albratos CFS




  * above stats is based on report of Jan to March 2017

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